Image Source: Tikteh

Sex is incredible, but it can always be made better! Follow these simple tips to ensure your sex life never gets boring and monotonous.

1. Never shy away from experimentation.

Experimenting is what makes sex interesting. Whether it is role play, BDSM, toys or spanking that gets you going, go ahead with it!

2. Don’t make sex a chore.

Have sex only when you want to. Don’t think you have to do it everyday, once a week, once a month, or whatever your supposed sex-schedule is. Sex should be spontaneous.

3. Understand your body.

The better you know your own body, and what gets you going, the better you will be able to guide your partner or partners to do what you like. Understand your own pleasure.

4. Be giving in bed, but look out for your own pleasure too.

The key to good sex, is equal participation. Give your all, but don’t be afraid to ask for what you want in bed.

5. Give vocal affirmation!

Being vocal about your desires, and letting your partner know what you like, only makes sex better for both parties. Don’t be a mute-Melinda, at least not in bed!

6. Foreplay is not “optional.”

Foreplay is the best part of sex! Don’t skip it, rush through it, or think it isn’t important.