Finding love is no child’s play, and if you’re a woman who is highly intellectual, successful, self-sufficient, confident, and opinionated, then you might have a real tough time finding love. It’s so because our society is of the belief that smart and successful women are some mystical creatures who prefer to be single and alone. But this is not the case — they’re just like any other woman who has strengths and weaknesses and wants to have someone special in their lives.

Here are reasons why a successful woman can have a hard time finding love:

1. She’s not willing to settle for anything less.

A successful woman prefers to be single rather than be with the wrong person. She’s picky and has made a list of traits a man must have to be her significant other, and that list is either too long or too specific. She knows herself well, what she wants in a partner, and therefore isn’t willing to settle for anything less than she deserves.

2. She doesn’t need someone to take care of her needs.

She is the woman who can actually live on her own, decides her way of life, and takes care of her needs. She loves to have her own space, some alone time, and is probably scared to think that she’ll have to share that personal space of her life with someone else after she gets into a relationship.

3. She’s not afraid to stand up and speak for herself.

A smart and successful woman isn’t afraid of standing up and putting forth her opinions and views. She can be intimidating at times, because she isn’t someone who does things to please someone else, but does only what she thinks is right for herself and others.

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Image Source: Thought Catalog

4. She has other things to do apart from dating.

She’s too busy living her life and prefers to keep her career, friends and family as her priority over dating. It’s not like she hates dating, but she’s too busy doing things that she’s passionate about. That leaves her with not enough time to go around hunting for love. But she would if someone was worth her time.

5. She wants a stable relationship.

She’s aware of the fact that relationships don’t always have a happily ever after and so is cynical to get into one. She’s not just going to settle for someone to whom she’s attracted because she’s someone who wants a relationship which is lasting and has a future.

6. She takes her time to evaluate.

She’s someone who doesn’t take any risk if it’s not worth it. So, she likes to take her own time to assess and decide if she really wants to be with a man and whether he’s worthy enough to love a smart and independent woman like her.