couple in disagreement in bedroom

Breakups are rough no matter how they happen. The sadness, self-loathing and doubt starts to seep in with the questions that we often don’t like answering or are to afraid to find the answers to. Here are some those questions and exactly why you should be asking them.

1. Why?

The why behind a breakup is what eats most of us alive before any other questions can surface. Yet, clearing the answer to this one out with your conscience is vital because ahead of that lies a trove of questions you’ll begin to ask yourself. Even if the answer isn’t pretty, find it within yourself to ask it and answer it.

2. Did I understand my partner?

We think we understand people but the chances of that are pretty far fetched. Often with breakups, if isn’t about cheating, it’s about a simple lack of understanding and compatibility. No matter what the answer is, asking this one is central to your future relationships because it’ll help you understand whoever you date next.

3. What were my expectations?

We all walk into relationships with the expectation that it will be fulfilling. But what else is it that we look for? Analyzing what you really look for in a relationship is important to understand because the answer to your breakup lies in it.

4. Am I date-able?

First, don’t be self deprecating about this one. It’s not about whether you’re really dateable or not and more about whether you’re in the right space to date and be as giving as a relationship demands.

5. What do I truly want for myself?

You have to be honest about the things you want out of your relationship and articulate them too. What you want shows in your behavior and in your relationships so being sure about what you want will make things easy for you now and in your future relationships.

6. What can I do better?

And this question takes the cake because it is applicable for everything, in relationships and in life.

Asking questions is the hardest part. Do it anyway.