What is your perception of happiness?

Many of us think happiness can be found in other people, money, social life, a great career, and so forth. But after trying long and hard, we fail to find happiness in these aspects of life. Yet, we persist with the idea thinking there’s no other way to achieve happiness.

We have the wrong idea about happiness. We think it takes a lot of effort to get a state of happiness. But, that’s not true. Happiness is beyond that. It’s how you spend your time in the present.

Let’s take a look at all the things you think are the source of happiness, but are not.

1. Party all night

Nights, lights, crowd, loud music, flirting, alcohol are things that keep you away from stress, but only temporarily. It’s nowhere close to being a source of happiness. Some find happiness in speaking to a few people, listening to soft music, reading books and drinking hot coffee.

Image Source: Weheartit

2. Being in love

As much as we love to be in love, the secret to happiness doesn’t lie in your partner. In fact, people who’ve been in several relationships think single life is easy-going – no heartbreaks, expectations, spinning heads, conflicts, and a lot of time for yourself.

Image Source: The Ladies Coach

3. Working late

Sound sleep is the way to be happy. Being sleep-deprived to get your work done will make you gloomy. People who have a sound sleep are renewed, happy and prepared to tackle the day ahead.

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4. Trying to be right

There are some of us who look for trouble in every situation. You might be quenching your ego thirst, but you’re definitely not going to find happiness by proving your point. Staying away from arguments and disputes, and bringing peace to every situation in life will make you content and peaceful.

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5. Making a lot of money

A great bank balance will give you everything but happiness. After accumulating the riches, you’d be able to buy anything you like, but will continue to look for real happiness. The truth is, you’ve got everything you need, and that’s sufficient.

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6. Living an organized life

Stop following a routine all the time. A well planned life is definitely not a source of happiness. Folks who experiment with new things every day find happiness in learning and discovering. Experimenting with a new place, a new restaurant, a new style, a new culture is the way to step out of your humdrum life.

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