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Here are 6 things you should do to make your mornings better.

1. Smile as soon as you wake up.

Most of us wake up carrying a bag full of negative thoughts — thoughts on our bad dreams, on our worries at work, on our relationship issues and so on. No wonder we wake up with a grumpy face every morning. But instead of getting influenced by these toxic thoughts, make an effort to smile however unnatural it may seem. Smile releases feel-good chemicals in your brain which induces a huge volume of happiness in you, which, in turn, leaves your negative thoughts powerless.

2. Take a long shower.

Our tight schedules don’t allow us the luxury of taking long showers and that’s the reason why most of us take as much time bathing as we take for brushing. Taking long showers is important because it puts us in state of creativity and bliss, which gives us a good start for the day. Many great writers, musicians and scientists admit that they get a lot of their ideas when they are taking a shower. It’s one place where your mind wanders into a world of pure creativity and inspiration.

3. Read an inspiring book.

Like our phones need to be recharged every day, we too need to be recharged before we get to work. Books can be a great source of this much-need charge of motivation. Whether fiction or non-fiction, inspiring books can tune us back to being passionate and focused. In times of no hope, books remind us of our inner potential and inspire us to explore ourselves.

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4. Meditate for 20 minutes.

Every day we have a great deal of responsibilities to take care of. We have to a ton of tasks to complete at work, a bunch of duties to fulfill at home, and then there’s personal things to worry about too. Amidst so much chaos, it’s easy to lose focus and direction. That’s why it’s crucial to meditate every day. Meditation not only strengths your immunity, it also makes you more mindful of your inner as well as outer world. This awareness helps you stay on track with whatever you are doing.

5. Clear your thoughts by writing them down.

Writing down your thoughts is an exercise that you should put to practice if you want to begin your day afresh. Like you trash the garbage out from your home every morning, writing down thoughts on a piece of paper can help clear your mind from harmful residual thoughts. Get a good start every day by regularly journaling your thoughts. Maintain a personal journal where you can clear your mind by writing down everything that worries you before going to work.

6. Sing and dance to upbeat music.

Sometimes reading a book or watching a video isn’t inspiring enough to start a day with enthusiasm. That’s when playing some upbeat tracks will help. So as soon as you wake up, do this: turn on your favorite playlist, blow up the speakers and go about your routine as usual. This will inspire you to sing and dance to the tunes. And as you move to the grooves of music, you’ll be tuned to positivity and happiness, which is necessary to work efficiently.