Happiness is what the world is looking for. Anything and everything we do is to feel a little alive. The truth is happiness is not something to achieve or to pursue. You can’t tie happiness to a thing, a goal or a person. The reason why we see the world and people in it sulking is because that idea is flawed. We all carry the wrong notion of how to be happy. You need to understand what happiness is and what you can do to be happy. Wipe out all the wrong ideas of it and you’ll see what stopped you from experiencing the fullness of life. Stop, take a moment and read on to unlock your happy side.

1. Belief that I’d be happier than I am now.

The moment is now. You can always hope to have a better time in the future. But then again, you cannot rely on time. Life is unpredictable. Live life one moment a time. There’s something magical about being in the present. Being here, enjoying the company and knowing this is it. You don’t have to be any place else or other time to feel happy.

2. Belief that once I achieve ‘x’ I’d be happy.

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You can have long term goals set for you or have plans for the future or experiences that you want to have one day. It is good to look forward to something in life but this makes you miss out on the goodness of what life holds for you now. Being fixated and attached to a certain idea or experience is one of the reasons you lose out on happiness.

3. Striving to be positive.

It’s okay to not be okay. Temporary failures, rejection by a loved one or a betrayal from a friend can pull your spirits down. Embrace your feelings. Let it out, cry it out, cuss it out or do what helps you express the emotion entirely. You need to channel it out to let the goodness of life sweep you back on track again. It is a cycle. The highs and lows are apart of life, co-existing to just substantiate the value of each other.

4. Finding ways to be happy.


Stop looking for happiness. It is not a thing, a person or an experience. It is a feeling. It is in the moment. It is in the state of mind. It’s just a thought away. It can be as simple as visualizing yourself standing next to a goat or picture yourself floating in space like superman. Be silly, it’s that simple.

5. Quick fixes.

Don’t try to cover up your sadness, anger, anxieties or jealousies in quick fixes like an extra scoop of ice-cream, drugs, alcohol or a rebound. It is unhealthy and only makes you more miserable in the end. I remember once when I was angry at someone, so I thought I’d feel better by getting a haircut. I was happy for few months and then I regretted cutting my locks. So don’t let those emotions fool you into doing something stupid. Quick fixes are a bogus. You need real joy.

6. Striving to be perfect.

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The idea of creating a perfect life will ruin you. The idea will drive you crazy. The moment you ask for perfection, be it finding the perfect spouse, the perfect job, the perfect way of living and being, you are comparing it with something that ideally doesn’t even exist. Embrace the little things life has to offer you. Open your eyes to it; stop seeking and start living.