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We often get nervous on thinking about making big things happen. Things to start to feel jittery, and we start doubting ourselves. But things don’t have to be this way. You can make big things happen by following a few important steps. In this article, we show you how with the help of 6 steps. Read on:

1. Identify your big picture goals.

Find out what your life’s big goals are. Some of these goals may be what you call dreams, but put them in if you deeply wish to achieve them. Take a piece of paper, or a notebook, and list them all down. Take a good look at them all and come up with your list of big picture goals.

2. Break goals down into actionable steps.

Most of these goals may seem a million miles away. That’s how things seem if we can’t see a path to them. So that’s what you should do next. Take each of these goals and break them down into as many little steps as you wish so you can chart a path to achieving all your goals.

3. Set reasonable time frames for execution.

This is the step that often gets left out, and sometimes makes all the difference. Setting a time frame can help you control the execution of your plans, as you can work with a ticking device. Otherwise, things remain pending for a long time, and that often stretches out to forever pending.

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4. Keep yourself motivated in different ways.

Supply yourself with a constant stream of motivation every now and then. It’s difficult to keep yourself going if you’re not motivated. You can stay motivated by listening to your heroes, reading things about work, and reminding yourself of the reason for your pursuit, among other things.

5. Identify your core values.

People often become indecisive. They claim to be confused about a situation, and stutter and stumble about whether they should do a particular thing or not. This may be attributed to not knowing your core values. Your values define who you are and how you live your life, making a difference in the grand scheme of things.

6. Live more mindfully.

In the internet age, people’s attention is scattered at all times. Because of our habit of juggling different things, we don’t pay as much attention to each of our activities as it deserves. We also end up living in the past or future for too long. Living more mindfully is the simplest way to make yourself available for big things to happen.