Tea Chai seller on the street, Varanasi Benares India

Image Source: Wikimedia

Living in India means we constantly meet people from different backgrounds and places. However, we don’t make an effort to meet people outside our comfort zone. Making friends with people whom we meet on the streets, while we travel, and even those who visit our homes can teach us a lot and make life worthwhile.

Here are a few types of friends you should make in India.

1. The chai wala.

We get to the chai shop, enjoy our tea and walk out hardly paying any attention to the chai wala. However, the next time you visit a tea shop, make an effort to talk to the chai wala, and understand his tea business. Over some time, you might become good friends, and he might inspire you with his tea business.

2. The Uber driver.

Talking to an Uber driver can be fun. Some of them are quite friendly and will love to speak to you. You can listen to his experiences that he encounters as he drives around the city. You can even learn about different places that you can visit in the locality.

3. The aunt next door.

Do you lack a storyteller in your life? Your neighborhood aunt who keeps smiling at you can be the one. Talk to her a few times and she might even invite you to her home for dinner. She might also share some of her incredible recipes with you.

4. The watchman.

You wave hello to your watchman every time you walk in and out of your flat. However, have you ever taken an effort to stop for a few minutes just to talk to him and understand his way of life? Listing to his experiences as a guard can be quite fascinating. If you make an effort to become friends with him, you will even feel a sense of gratitude towards him for what he’s doing.

5. The housemaid.

Your housemaid must be having a difficult life. Making friends with her will give you an insight into the lives of people who are slogging to make ends meet. And in return, she will also feel good to have someone to talk to about how she is living her life.

6. The beautician.

Most of us have a favorite beautician who make us look fabulous anytime we want. The next time you visit the parlor, try connecting with her. She will enjoy talking to you, and might also give you a few extra beauty tips. Over time, she might be a great friend also.