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Humans beings and selfishness go hand in hand, but when does it get to be too much? No relationship can survive if it is one-sided, so if you find yourself doing all the work, and putting in all the effort your relationship requires, without getting any in return, perhaps your partner is too selfish to date.

1. It’s always ‘My way or the highway’, with them!

Sharing and falling in with what others want to do is a trait we learn in playschool. However some people never grow beyond the toddler stages of ‘I want’ and ‘Mine’. They are convinced that their way is the best way, and never do things the way other people want to do them. If you find your partner always trying to get their way, and sulking if you don’t go along with their wishes, they may be a classic case of a selfish kid-adult, who always wants things his/her way.

2. You feel controlled by their many rules.

Does your partner expect an exacting standard of behavior from you? Do they actually have rules about what you can and can’t do? Only a selfish misogynist would try to control his/her partner and dictate what they should and shouldn’t do. Don’t waste your time on a partner who is as selfish as that.

3. Your partner never goes out of their way to please you.

If everything is about them, and nothing is ever about you, how will there be any balance in the relationship? A selfish person likes people doing things for them, but won’t do them for others. If your partner never puts in any effort or does nice things for you, you can be assured they are immensely selfish at heart. And there is no point in dating a selfish person.

4. They lack consideration.

Consideration is a sign of love. Every decent person, tries to make others feel as comfortable as possible, and goes out of his/her way to make sure of it. More so, if it is a romantic partner. But selfish people lack the consideration everyone else has, and will not move a finger even to make their partner comfortable. Watch out for the signs.

5. They don’t care about listening to you.

Does your partner constantly talk over you or interrupt you? Conversations are about sharing thoughts and feelings, and if one partner dominates the conversation, then it isn’t a balanced conversation. If your partner cares about you, they will be interested in your opinions and thoughts, but a selfish person will only care about his own.