Women love being in relationships just as much as anybody in the world. But, like men, women have their reasons for pulling away and distancing themselves from their S.O’s. Here are a few to help you out if your ladylove is pulling away.

1. She doesn’t feel encouraged.

Women are people, in case you didn’t realize it earlier. We all need a push or simple appreciation for the things we do. Women need the same too. When women don’t feel encouraged by the people they spend their time and feelings on, they’re bound to keep their energies reserved for someone who will have something uplifting to say, no matter how little it may be.

2. She’s got something personal happening.

Women have a lot to deal with like menstruating and fighting the patriarchy. Personal things tie into the daily fabric of women’s lives and that can complicate matters. It’s a good idea to ask what’s happening or how you can help them rather than letting the mood tide over.

3. She’s tired.

You’ve had a relationship with struggles written all over it and she’s at breaking point. She’s tried to fix things, make them better, changed habits to make keep the relationship alive and now, she’s spent from it. When a woman is tired of being in a relationship that held meaning, she’s bound to draw away.

4. She can’t forgive you.

You did something pretty unforgivable and despite presumably coasting over the issue, you realize that somewhere deep down, she hasn’t and is unable to forgive you. You’ve either got to find a way to work it out or you’ve got to let it go.

5. She’s moved on emotionally.

You’re in a relationship according to social media and your social circles. But when it’s just the both of you, something seems to be amiss, just a little something seems off— the intensity, the passion, and perhaps even the small affections are missing. Chances are she’s done with the relationship and she’s only sticking around for the convenience of it.

Women aren’t confusing and complicated. They are people and it’s only fair to take the time out to get them.