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Your present holds a hidden power, the power to transform your business and your life. Most of us who are busy making plans for a perfect future are oblivious to the power of now.

Running a successful business is all about making the right decisions at the right moment. The power of now doesn’t merely apply to decision making; it applies to every other sphere of business as well. More than focusing on our future, which is uncertain, we should concentrate on making efforts to improve the present.

What makes our present so powerful is the fact that we still have the liberty of making amends the way we want and maximize our chances of success. Precisely the reason it ranks higher than the past and the future.

Here’s why it’s essential to realize the power of now to transform your business:

1. You have the chance to make it better.

Since it’s all in the present, the power to change it lies with you. You can make all necessary amends to make it better and exactly like how you want it to be. It’s probably the biggest advantage of living in the present; you get command over things.

2. The future is uncertain, and the past is gone.

If you keep making plans for the future, which is yet to arrive, there are higher chances of failure. Maybe as time passes, the scenario changes, and it changes so much that you can’t seem to make your plan work. Likewise, thinking about how you could’ve handled that situation better is not going to make any significant difference to your life.

3. It helps you avoid procrastination.

Once you start living in the present, all your plans revolve around now. You finally get the chance to get rid of that bad habit of pushing everything to the next day. It increases your efficiency and business growth significantly.

4. Your decision making improves.

Once you start believing in the power of now, you become better at analyzing things and taking the right decisions. Earlier, if it used to take you hours to analyze the situation and finalize a deal, now, you take only a few minutes and still crack the best deal.

5. You can bid stress goodbye.

You get so used to working with a higher efficiency that nothing remains in the pipeline. As a result, you get the chance to bid stress goodbye. Since nothing is bothering you, you tend to be happier and healthier as well. As your sick leaves decrease, your business progresses.