We are relentlessly bombarded with ways and tricks to lead a happier life. While some may help boost our mood, these ways aren’t guaranteeing happiness as a constant in our lives. Happiness is not merely consuming rich chocolate or changing lifestyles, it’s more than implementing these tricks. Today, these myths and misconceptions are about to be debunked.

Here are 5 myths we are exposed to on a daily basis:

Myth #1: It’s Genetic

The friend with a sunny disposition may have her genes co-operating with her but they only help her half way. The secret to sport a cheerful disposition is teaching yourself optimism and making your habits more positive.

Myth #2: Career Success

Getting promoted to a higher position or finally sitting in your own office doesn’t make you happier. You can get more successful but the level of happiness is the same. Your happiness is what fuels you to be more successful.

Myth #3: External Circumstances Bring Happiness

It is believed that external circumstances are responsible for your happiness when the truth is, your happiness is dependent on the perception of these circumstances. When you change the way you perceive them, you tend to be happier.

Myth #4: Happy People Are Naive

Being overly optimistic obviously isn’t ideal. Your thought process gets affected and you shut yourself inside a bubble. But being happy and realistic can have a positive influence on your life and your brain activity.

Myth #5: Negative Friends Decrease Positivity

While these friends can bring you down, you just need to change your perception about them. Just like their negativity is contagious, so is your positivity. So instead of cutting down these friends, start more positive conversations and be upbeat in your responses.