Most of us love to utilize our leisure time to do some fun activity or to make something creative. Home decors are something that we love to try our hands on. But many times, we end up dropping the idea as we have to put in a lot of our time and money into these projects. Keeping this in mind, we’ve compiled 5 great DIY projects that’re very easy to do and won’t cost you much. Here you go.

Key wind chime


Some old keys, paint, a string and a twig is all you need to make this fancy wind chime. Paint the twig and the keys with bright colors. Attach the keys to the twig using a brightly colored string. Then your keys are ready to chime.


Unique earring holder


This unique earring holder is super easy to make. Take the cheese grater lying in your kitchen and paint them up with some bright hues. Let it dry properly for a couple of hours and your earring holder is good to go.


Glitter jar


Any girl would love to have a glitter jar on her make-up table. All you’ll need is a mason jar, glue and glitter. Take the jar and apply a thin layer of glue on the inside of the jar. Pour a packet of glitter in the jar, put the lid on and shake it till the glitter sticks all over the jar. Open the lid and then turn it upside down to shake off the extra glitter. Apply another thin layer of glue so that the glitter sticks to the jar permanently. Let it dry and your glitter jar is ready to adorn your table.


Penny vase


Take an old vase and paint it black completely. Coat it with a layer of adhesive and start sticking old coins onto it. Voila! Your beautiful penny vase is ready to add charm to your living room.


Wall art


To make this pretty wall art, you’ll need some paint, any plastic bottle (preferably a coke bottle), a white fabric and a cardboard. Take the cardboard cut out in the desired shape and size and cover it with the white cloth neatly. Paint the framework of the branch with black paint. Then dip the bottle on the pink paint and stamp it on the cloth to make pretty flowers. Your elegant wall art is all done.

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