Gardening is a way of sowing happiness. We can make it more fun by being a little more creative. Give up your traditional way of gardening and try something new. We’ve compiled some brilliant ideas to liven up your garden in simple ways. If you’re seeking to give your garden an innovative touch, you must try these ideas.

Tyre Planters


Some old tyres and bright paints are all you’ll need to make these colorful tyre planters. Paint some old tyres and stack them up as shown in the picture above. Leave them to dry and it’s ready to brighten up your garden.


Cement Stepping Stones


Take the cement powder mix and prepare a thick paste in a large container. Then take a large leaf and place it on a flat surface with the lower veiny side of the leaf facing upward. Start spreading out the cement evenly on the leaf maintaining it’s thickness of about an inch and let it dry for about 2 hours. Pull out the leaf and leave it for about 2 days till it dries completely. Place it on the garden and stride away happily.


Wine Bottle Edging


Don’t discard those empty wine bottles anymore. Turn it upside down and start lining you flower beds with them. When you’re done edging your garden, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see the cool look of your garden.


Tilted Plant Tower


Take a long rod to support the flower pots. Place a huge pot at the base sliding it through the rod from the drainage hole at the pot base. Fill the pot with the soil and slide a smaller pot through the rod. Once it touches the soil, tilt it to one side and fill in the soil. Repeat the same process while you continue layering the pots one on top of the other in such a way that each pot is tilted in opposite direction. Once the layering is done, plant in your flowers and your plant tower is ready.


Vertical Garden


Vertical garden on the wall can be made in many ways. You can use a rope, a plank or wires to hold the pots in position against the wall. Use brightly colored pots to give your wall a livelier look. It’s the best way to pursue gardening if you don’t have enough space.

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