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This year, don’t repeat the mistakes of last year. Your efficiency depends on your management skills. The better you’re at managing your day, the more efficient you will be. Your efficiency also depends on how well you can prioritize tasks and follow schedules.

Here are five easy ways of increasing your efficiency quotient this year:

1. Get your priorities straight.

Not knowing what needs your immediate attention and not scheduling tasks accordingly can strain your personal and professional life. While planning your day, you should have a clear idea of your priorities and things you can do later. If you’re working on a crucial project, schedule it in the morning as that’s when your brain performs its best.

2. Discover the magic of delegating work.

Don’t try to be a one-man army. Understand the importance of delegating work to others. It can help you save a lot of time and energy, and thereby, make you more efficient. If delegated well, a group of people can always do a task better than an individual trying to do it all by himself. Moreover, letting others contribute, increases the chances of producing a better outcome.

3. Tick-tock. Follow the clock.

To be more efficient, time your actions. Once you’ve your plan ready, break it into a series of steps and set a deadline for each. It will help you track your performance and will also let you finish all your work on time. Taking breaks throughout the day is important, but it’s equally important to set deadlines to ensure that you’re not wasting time.

4. Keep that schedule book handy.

Be systematic and well-planned. It will help you attain your targets in a stipulated time. List the main tasks of each day in your to-do list and follow it religiously. If you can’t write your to-do list on a sheet of paper, there are many high-tech ways of doing so. Many scheduling apps are available online that send you reminders and keep your task lists sorted.

5. Quit multitasking. It fries your brain.

Though multitasking looks like the perfect choice to handle a couple of tasks together, medically speaking, it’s not the best for your brain. It’s similar to juggling a couple of balls together. Apart from confusing your brain between what to do and when to do it, it also increases the chances of errors and stress.