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The Entrepreneurial scene these days is abuzz with Startups. Despite innovative ideas and expertise are their strengths, these new startups are short on finances, time and resources.

However, a substantive boost to the startup’s productivity, could help you concentrate more on things that really matter.

There are several known ways to enhance productivity like – increasing your working hours, learn a new productivity system etc. Here is a look at not-so-common means to improve the productivity of your startup.

1. Cut down on meetings.

Some say that a good percentage of all the meetings are waste, and a good percentage of time spent on important meetings is unproductive.

For a startup, you can not afford to waste time, as it transforms into wasted money. Some reports confirm that U.S. businesses spend up to $37 billion each year, on unnecessary meetings.

You may now ask – Aren’t meetings important for building relationships? Says Oliver Burkeman of The Guardian, “Meetings are not any good.’’ He defines meetings as “more of a soul-sucking waste of time than you thought.” There are better ways to create team spirit staying out from the office, than being clocked into a mind-numbing, obligatory,  productivity-zapping meeting.

Does it mean that you need to do away with meetings? The answer is No. Instead, try a new approach- go for a  stand-up meeting than a traditional one. A stand-up meeting with a marked agenda will help curb the waste o time that occurs in a traditional one.

2. Insist on rest.

It is very important to take breaks in order to improve productivity of your new venture. While you are not working, you are providing yourself the rejuvenation time. Especially if you are into a creativity venture, your brain needs some refreshing breaks to start up once again.

Continuous work can bring in monotony, frustration, loss of focus and fatigue. The resulting scenario can lead to disinterest. Insist on sufficient breaks to your employees for them to revive and come back more full of energy and take your venture to a new level.

3. Go remote.

As an entrepreneur, it is very important is to hire the right people. If your team is competent and disciplined with the required drive, you can be sure of getting stuff done.

What you now need to do is to let them work remote.

The reason for remote location employee is that they have been found to be more productive. If they are located in distraction-free environment which is customized to their preferences, the workers can do much more and in lesser time. A study from Harvard Business Review confirms that a quiet environment adds almost a third of the boost in productivity.

For the start-ups beginning on cash crunch, having remote employees is a boon. The employees are happier working in their comfort zone and you as an employer do not need to spend on office space and furniture.

4. Buy everyone a massive monitor.

Monitor is just one of the good ideas. You would rather provide a set of two monitors to each employee. Else, some workers may get more productive by providing them with some other kind of productivity booster.

Here the idea is to make their work more enticing and attractive. The productivity booster could be anything – you just need to find it for your employees and provide it to them to give a boost to your startup.

5.Make your employees managers.

The employees need to be given some leverage in how they would like to go about doing their job. Give them the space to outsource some of their work, in case it doesn’t cause any harm to your venture. Let them be the managers of their bit of responsibility.

The workers can be allowed to outsource some of their time consuming work and delegate it to others. Allow outsourcing work that can reduce productivity. This will also provide them opportunity to become leaders and learn the skill of management.


The best of startups are those that are most productive. Give the above tips a try to your recent startup to become more productive and achieve your dreams.