girl wakes up

Plenty of people find it incredibly hard to wake up early. Most people wake up just in time, others wake up late, and the rest manage to wake up early but only to look like zombies. It’s a dream for many to be able to wake up early each morning – fresh and ready for the day. A list of to-do’s isn’t going to do much unless you have a personal motivation in place.

1. Find a Personal Motivation

Why do you want to start waking up early?

It’s not work or college. You wake up early for these things only because you have to. You need to find a reason that’s more personal, like, say, “I don’t want to rush to work every day” or “I want to read for at least an hour before leaving for work.” These are reasons that you personally care about, and will help you wake up early.

What’s yours?

2. Fix a Comfortable Duration of Sleep

Fixing a duration is vital. It’s commonly agreed that seven hours of sleep can provide adequate rest to the body. But for some people, seven hours of sleep might prove impractical. For some others, anything below eight hours can make their days miserable. You’re therefore the best judge of how long you can afford to sleep. Just fix a duration and stick to it faithfully, with your health being top priority.

Note that you might under- or overshoot this duration. It’s okay; be empathetic with yourself and keep trying.

3. Set an Alarm for the Same Time Every Day

Waking up at a certain time every day programs the body to wake up at that time daily without external help, like an alarm. Once the biological clock is ready, waking up on time ceases to be a hassle.

4. Do the Things You Love After Waking Up

So far, we’ve covered what’s needed to wake up early. But the waking up with a smile part requires you to take up this one last step — doing what you love after waking up.

A personal motivation, like reading, takes care of this aspect. But if it doesn’t, do something you love every morning. Some listen to music, read or take a walk almost every day, and that gets them fired up for the rest of the day. You should pick an activity that makes you feel the same way. It’ll make you enjoy the process of waking up early every day and look forward to what the day holds in store.