Image Source: The Odyssey Online

People often think of travelling with their partner before getting married as a test of their partner’s character or compatibility. But, unless the two of you are okay with signing up for a trip to judge each other endlessly, you should steer clear of this obnoxious idea. Instead, take a vacation with your partner to spend some quality time together and forge strong bonds. It’ll be a blessing in disguise for your relationship.

1. You’ll Get to Know Each Other Better

In the city, work or college eats up most of our time. Whatever time we manage to keep aside every day to talk to our partners whizzes away like a trace of bullet. Going on a trip helps us spend ample quality time talking and getting to know each other better. That brings us closer to each other.

2. Your Physical Intimacy will Know No Bounds

Spending ample quality time with your partner helps you connect with them emotionally, leaving you feeling relaxed. Emotional connection and a relaxed state of mind are the perfect ingredients for great physical intimacy. Factor in the fact that you’re in a new and exciting place, away from all the pressures from back home, and you’re looking at unprecedented levels of physical love.

3. You’ll Build Lasting Experiences

The biggest draw of travelling is that you get to create new experiences. Imagine parasailing in a mountain valley or meditating in the woods; you don’t get to do these in the city. On the trip, you can share these experiences with your partner and keep them safely locked away, reaching for them whenever you need to in the future.

4. You’ll Learn to Live Together

When travelling, both of you will do several things together, like manage money, plan for the day, and keep yourselves safe and healthy. Sharing important tasks like these teaches a couple to be more empathetic and accepting of each other. And that right there is the key to a happy, lasting relationship.