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There’s no denying the fact that being in a relationship is one of the best experiences of one’s life — it makes us mature, compassionate and caring. But if you’re rushing into a relationship with someone because you’re feeling lonely, or in need of a rebound, you’ll end up dealing with a slew of unexpected problems.


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Here’s why you must take your time before getting into a relationship.

1. You’ll look like someone who’s desperate

No one likes to be with someone who’s attention seeking. Plus, such people lack direction in life, and aren’t sure of themselves. They don’t know what they’re passionate about, and have no plans for their career. You sure don’t want to be this guy.

2. You’ll make bad choices

When you rush into a relationship, you end up choosing someone who’s not your type. You compromise on compatibility, and that steers you into a whirlwind of relationship problems. You sacrifice a lot of your desires, act like it’s all going well— all in order to keep things smooth. Eventually though, it only leaves you exhausted, disinterested and demotivated.

3. False sense of intimacy

Some men rush into a relationship for sex. Though sex is an important aspect of a relationship, it must not be the only basis of commitment. With this false sense of intimacy, you’ll ignore your partner’s emotional needs and only focus on meeting your own physical needs — a recipe for disaster.


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4. You won’t find your satisfaction

Are you rushing into a relationship because you hate your single life? Because if you are, you probably won’t like being with someone too. The void of unhappiness that you’re trying to fill by getting committed with someone will reappear when you start living with them. Unless you’re happy and grateful for whatever life you are already living, you won’t find the cure for your dissatisfaction.

Don’t rush into a relationship just because all your friends are in one or because you’re unhappy of your single life. Find the main cause. Be happy with your life as it’s now, and patient with its flow. Relax and let things unfold at its own pace.

You’ll meet a lot of women along the way. When you’ll find ‘the one’, you’ll know it.