Image Source: Life Hacker

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”
Dalai Lama

In today’s time, struggling for happiness is the most common complaint we all have. No matter how hard we try, we can’t seem to find true happiness. We leave no stone unturned to ensure that we lead a life full of joy, but nothing really seems to work.

What makes us happy?

If you ask yourself what makes you happy, you’ll get one of these answers— my new car, my latest PSP, my new house and the list goes on. Do these things really make us happy? The answer is no!

Relying on these materialistic things can’t make you happy. The happiness you experience after buying these things is short lived. That’s the reason you end up losing interest in them sooner or later.

Why are we unhappy?

The main reason is that we are too dependent on insignificant things or people to make us happy. We link our happiness to things that don’t last, and when that happens, we start complaining. We give more importance to what others say or will say over what we think is right. If we don’t choose to live according to our wishes and desires, we shouldn’t complain about being unhappy. Living on the norms set by a group of third persons around us is never going to make us happy.

It’s high time we stop thinking and worrying about people who don’t matter to us and start doing things we think determine our happiness.everest-base-camp-trek-me-looking-out-mountain-edge

What is true happiness then?

True happiness lies in doing things that will last a lifetime. Helping someone in need, doing something nice for your parents or a friend will give you joy like nothing else can. Staying healthy and fit is directly linked to our happiness as well. When we are fit, we look at life in a different light. We feel positive about everything around us and also start believing in ourselves. Embracing positive thinking can change our life for the better.

The day we start looking beyond the materialistic pleasures of life, we will experience immense joy.

What are other reasons that contribute to our struggle for happiness?

Apart from the causes mentioned above, some other factors affect our happiness and make us struggle to obtain it. Here are a few:

  • We waste a lot of our time envying others. If they get that promotion we’ve been waiting for, we simply can’t take it.
  • We waste time thinking instead of actually doing things. Even if we know that we have to work hard for something, we don’t act.
  • If we’re unhappy about something, we don’t try finding ways to deal with it. Instead, we resort to complaining.
  • Instead of taking action and changing the way things are, we stick to procrastination. As a result, the moment passes and later we can’t do much about it.
  • We let our negative emotions overpower the positive ones. Negative thinking can never bring any positive results, and that’s what always happens with us.

There might be many other reasons that slowly kill our happiness, but we are so busy worrying about irrelevant things that we don’t care until the moment passes. If you’re wondering what’s the reason you’re still unhappy even after achieving every possible thing, the answer lies in your actions and thinking. Running after materialistic things and people will never make you happy. If you want to experience real happiness, you need to look beyond the materialistic pleasures of life.