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Being an entrepreneur is probably the toughest decision of your life. From traveling to networking to accounting, you are thrust into doing things you have never done before. The only way you can make the most of your time is by being as productive as possible in every sphere of your business. Apps are a great way to help you stay organized and focused. With so many apps around, it can be a tough task to zero in on the ones that can actually help you in being more productive. So here’s a list of 30 apps that can make your life as an entrepreneur a little easier.

1. Evernote

Through Evernote’s web and mobile app, you can create digital notebooks for everything from keeping track of your expenses and managing your calendar, to creating slideshow presentations and planning your next trip. Whether it’s personal or business expenses, by creating one of Evernote’s digital notebooks, you’re able to screen-shot your receipt right after payment, making it easier to locate expenses in the future.

2. Letterspace

Letterspace is a great note-taking app that utilizes hashtags to organize your thoughts into a sophisticated and easy-to-use interface. One of Letterspace’s most beneficial features is the cursor that sits directly above the keyboard. This feature allows users to move paragraphs of notes around making it easier for entrepreneurs to edit anything from a paragraph switch to a simple typo.

3. Humin

Entrepreneurs are constantly networking and conducting meetings, but it can be almost impossible to keep track of how and where you met someone. Humin handles all of that for you. When you insert information into this app, it remembers all of the tiny details of how and where you met someone, allowing you to actually be in the moment instead of trying to remember information later.

4. Listen

Another productivity app to consider is Listen, which utilizes ringback tone technology to respond to incoming calls and SMSs when you’re too busy to answer the phone. You can also customize both your voice and SMS responses, giving contacts a specific heads-up. It also has personalization features like as Calendar Integration (syncs your auto replies with your meetings) and Location Detection, which responds to calls and text messages based on your geographic location.

5. Workflow

Workflow allows you to create any type of button for any type of activity that you may do on a regular basis and with the simple click of that button, your task is being completed. With the Workflow app, you’re able to customize your phone so you can bypass tasks that are a waste of time. For example, you can call an Uber in advance of your next calendar event or create a button to give your mom a quick call.

6. Drop Box

Drop Box delivers instant connectivity and enables the sharing of photos, documents and videos with any laptop or mobile device through the free cloud-based file-storing service. This app is extremely handy for sharing files with your team, which prevents back-and-forth emailing. With the version control feature, you have a convenient way of sharing the latest version with your team.

7. Audible

Any established entrepreneur you come across is probably very well-read. To help you do just that on the go, try Audible. It lets you listen to books without having to actually focus on reading while you are out travelling or just doing chores.

8. TripIt

Being an entrepreneur means a lot of travelling. It gets hard to keep track of travelling schedules and bookings. With TripIt you no longer have to worry, because it organizes your travels by forwarding your booking confirmations to an email address.

9. Lastpass

With so many things on your mind, it can be cumbersome to remember passwords that are usually a combination of various letters and numbers. With a freeware version available for PCs and Macs, Lastpass is your personal-password manager, and form filler, that frees you from remembering your passwords.

10. Any.Do

Want to enter tasks on your iPhone? Use Any.Do. With its simple interface, you can add tasks either by speech or typing. If you’re logged on to your Facebook account, you can even share tasks with your contacts. Want to be alerted about a task? Add an alarm, and highlight it so that it takes precedence over other tasks. You can also add further notes and put them in a personal or work folder. The app also allows syncing with other devices to make sure you are always at the top of your game.

11. CamCard

Entrepreneurs attend several conferences during the year where they meet useful contacts. Exchanging business cards is the norm in conferences, but it is also very easy to lose a business card and, ultimately, a business prospect. With CamCard, you can take a picture of your business card and have all the details automatically uploaded into your phone contacts and other email accounts. Because of its accuracy, you can be assured of flawless scanning. The best part is that you can sync data across other devices too.

12. Flowdock

A mix of chat and inbox tools, Flowdock is a convenient way of collaborating with team members on various projects. The best part is that the app works on most browsers and mobile platforms, and it gives you features such as drag and drop, file uploads and activity streams. Your team members can get instant updates about any change on the project to which they can respond through chat messages.

13. Instapaper

The internet is filled with blogs and articles. Amp up your creativity by reading new posts at a time that suits you. Through Instapaper, you can save an interesting article to read at a more convenient time and in a reader-friendly format.

14. CloudOn – Microsoft Office

Although Microsoft offers its Office suit through iOS, you cannot really use it unless you pay for a subscription for Office 365. With a Windows phone, Office Mobile is free. So the best option for iPhone users, who want to write Word documents, make spreadsheets or work on important PowerPoint presentations, is CloudOn. The app is free and can be integrated with Dropbox, Google Drive or Skydrive to enable access of stored documents in the cloud.

15. Expensify

While travelling, you probably want to keep your receipts to claim office expenses once you get home. But why go through the hassle of keeping all these receipts when a smart phone can do the same for you? By using your phone’s camera, you can take pictures of your receipts as a digital record in a chronological order. Expensify also lets you log mileage, meal expenses and other business-related travel costs.

16. Recruiterbox

Screening through resumes and tracking applicants can be cumbersome. You want to hire the best possible people for your company without wasting too much time scanning resumes. So use Recruiterbox to help you perform these tasks; the app helps you manage the entire hiring process. This allows you to spend more time hiring instead of doing manual paper-work sorting out resumes. The app is online, so it receives all resumes in one place and tracks each candidate’s progress through application stages.

17. Skype

Probably the most effective method for remaining in touch with all your employees, Skype has become an office norm for instant communication and connectivity. With its app version available for mobile phones, connectivity has taken a new form by allowing entrepreneurs to schedule and attend important business conference calls on the go.

18. TextExpander

TextExpander allows you to set custom keyboard shortcuts so you can type the same things over and over using abbreviations. For example, for scheduling meetings at your office, you can set a 3-character shortcut that automatically translates to your full address.

19. 1Password

1Password creates strong, unique passwords for all your sites and logs you in with a single tap. It’s simple, convenient security. No one has time to try password after password for their various accounts. 1Password is a time-saver and security-protector in one app.

20. TrackMaven

TrackMaven gathers data from all kinds of far-flung sources, from social media to site traffic to text ads to SEO to earned media to display ads. It packages up everything it discovers about your competition and displays it in one universal feed. You just sit down and see what your competitors are doing, when they’re doing it, what they’re doing differently from you and how it’s working out for them.

21. CloudMagic

CloudMagic makes your emails more streamlined, more accessible and generally more bearable. It supports all email services, including Exchange, and it works across all kinds of productivity and organizational apps, like Evernote and Pocket. You have to email — a lot. Make it as productive as possible.

22. Bitrix24

Bitrix24, like Drop Box, is a cloud-based file sharing app. But the reason you should go for it is because it brings CRM to the table, and it also provides users with social cloud collaboration, chat and video, calendars, multi-user drives, and a mail server with unlimited space for your team. Lots of apps enable teams to collaborate, share documents and assign tasks, but Bitrix24 is the closest thing out there to a genuine online office.

23. Wave

Wave makes bookkeeping, accounting and invoicing about as exciting as boring administrative stuff can possibly be. Even if you run a business that has no employees except for yourself, you’re going to have to keep track of what’s coming in and what’s going out. Wave is not the first free, remotely hosted bookkeeping app, but it might be the easiest and most intuitive. The interface is sleek, and provides a clear snapshot of your business’s finances — all you have to do is link your accounts to the software, and Wave does the rest.

24. Noisli

Noisli improves focus and boosts your productivity with fantastic background noise. Mix different sounds and create the perfect environment for working and relaxing. You can load it on your browser or download the app.

25. Calendly

Finding a time that works for everyone to schedule a meeting can be such a headache. Calendly makes scheduling simple by letting people book meetings based on our mutual availability. It’s a total time saver because it eliminates the email back and forth of figuring out what time is good for everyone.

26. Momentum

Momentum is a personal dashboard designed to rid distractions and provide focus and productivity. It’s a homepage replacement for Chrome that’s focused you throughout your work day. On its surface, it’s a simple productivity app that lets you keep a to-do list atop a stunning nature photo. When you begin to use Momentum, it has a way of creeping into your workflow, reminding you of what’s important so you can get things done.

27. Flux

During the day, computer screens look good—they’re designed to look like the sun. But at 11pm, you shouldn’t be looking at the sun. You should be giving your precious eyes a rest. f.lux makes the color temperature of your display adapt to whatever time of day it is, so you’re never blinded by your screen again. At night, it warms up your display to match your indoor lighting. In the morning, it makes things look like sunlight again. Your eyeballs will thank you.

28. Hemingway

Hemingway App makes your writing bold and clear. Hemingway highlights long sentences and common errors so you know what to edit. If you see a yellow highlight, shorten the sentence or split it. If you see a red highlight, it means your sentence is so dense and complicated that your readers will get lost trying to follow it. If you see a blue highlight, reduce the amount of adverbs so it’s more effective.

29. Rise Alarm Clock

The Rise Alarm Clock app is beautifully designed and makes waking up as pleasant as possible with custom alarm sounds. It’s very simple to operate (you snooze by shaking your phone) and the minimalist design is a nice way to ease into your morning.

30. CloudApp

CloudApp makes it easy to share screenshots of work in progress and other captures with your team. When you take a screenshot, it automatically uploads it to the cloud and puts a link in your clipboard — All you have to do is just paste the link. d. Done.

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