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“Simplicity is the essence of happiness.”
– Cedric Bledsoe

It’s often said that the process of growing wiser involves more and more unlearning, not learning. This principle applies to all aspects of our life, eventually translating to: the simpler the life, the better.

If you look around though, and introspect closely on how your life is organized, you’ll find that there’s scope for making it simpler. For some, this change may be monumental. For others, it could be little. But whatever the magnitude of change may be, a simpler life is key to living a happier life.

So the big question is, how to simplify our lives?

Here, we discuss 26 simple ways to simplify your life for happiness.

1. Go with the flow. Trying to fight and manipulate life to work for you can backfire and cause sorrow and misery.

2. Sell the unused furniture in your house. If it’s been eating dust since as long as you can remember, it probably needs to go.

3. Put all your music on the hard drive and then on a music program like iTunes. Juggling between CDs, DVDs, and flash drives is unnecessary.

4. Have a place for everything in your house. This helps you find your socks, plates, and razors quickly, and not after days of excavation.

5. Find a system to organize your clothes. Hang them up using hangers or fold them to store inside your wardrobe. Clothes get thrown around on the floor and chairs otherwise.

6. Stick to minimal makeup. Don’t apply layers after layers of creams and lotions. Find what you exactly need and use them quickly.

7. Get a simple, no-nonsense haircut. You then won’t have to worry about styling it for 15-20 minutes every morning or finding the right shampoo for it.

8. Eat only as much as you need. Listen closely to body’s faint signals about overeating, and stop when you think the time’s right. Also, eat healthy, like this bowl of fruits.

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9. Go about the chores in your house with a list in hand. Having a list ready eliminates the need to recall what you were doing or what you’re about to do next.

10. Switch to simpler gadgets. Don’t get enticed by “new features.” Most of them are unnecessary. Use what you need, plus some additional features to be on the safer side.

11. Wear clothes that are light, comfortable, and breathable. Being fashionable sometimes comes at the cost of comfort, but don’t let it.

12. Take all your paperwork digital. Save copies of your driving license, passport, election card, and other important documents online, for instance, on a cloud storage device.

13. Stay away from debt. The burden is not just the money you owe, but also physiological. It’s difficult to live in peace until you make the repayment. Better instead to keep away.

14. Save money. Spend your hard-earned income only on things you need.

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15. Be harsh with yourself on the time you spend on social media networks. There’s a point after which staying online becomes worthless. Go offline much before that line.

16. Don’t feel the need to reply to text messages or return calls. Unless it’s an emergency, everyone can wait — as everyone did back in the day.

17. Use basic modes of transport, like a bicycle, metro rail, or the public bus, for commuting in the city.

18. Go out often into nature, being present in the moment and connecting intimately with plants, trees, birds, and the sky, and take that inspiration back into your life.

19. Work only for a certain number of hours every day. Don’t overwork yourself, as you’re harming yourself greatly in the process. Give yourself adequate rest.

20. your tasks with others. Some people have the tendency to do everything by themselves. Instead of helping, it’ll wear you down and make you feel overburdened.

21. Kick away perfection. The search for perfection never ends. You look for it relentlessly, but still come off feeling like it wasn’t good enough.

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22. Be open and honest. Ask for help if you need it, give advice if you must, express your opinion if you have. It’s better to be open about your thoughts and feelings.

23. Listen to people by turning off the background noise. Don’t judge, just listen. That’s key to establishing a powerful, intimate connection with another human.

24. Keep away from gossip. Futile conversations about other people’s deeds and habits is a waste of time. It can instead be spent on activities that make you happy.

25. Don’t take things personally. People rarely say things aimed to hurt you. Most often they just spill out in anger. Empathize with everyone but don’t take things personally.

26. And have a sense of humor! It’s such a magnificent tool to tackle the challenges life throws at us. What’s better than laughing away our misfortunes? (Sex, probably)