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Here are 25 ways to increase your productivity and add more hours to your day.

1. Wake up a little earlier than you usually do to meditate and exercise.

2. Don’t start your day without planning. Make the plan based on your priorities.

3. Give each task a specific and sensible deadline. Try best to finish before time.

4. Take breaks after completing each task. This is your time to watch that new film trailer or crack a few jokes with your colleagues.

5. Keep your work-desk clean. Even one extra book or file can make you slow at work.

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6. Don’t say yes to each and every task that your boss asks you to do. Deny those that don’t fit in your plan.

7. Attack difficult tasks in your quality time.

8. Don’t over-think and be too serious about your work all the time. You’ll get stressed and burn-out soon.

9. Enjoy what you’re doing instead of seeing every task as a compulsory job.

10. Don’t munch a few biscuits every morning and go to work. Have a proper breakfast.

11. Step away from the computer in regular intervals, and give your mind a breather.

12. Try cutting down on the number of cigarettes you have in a day.

13. Don’t be part of more than two meetings. And don’t ever be part of meetings without an agenda.

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14. Delegate work that don’t require your full attention and focus on the important tasks.

15. Read Getting Things Done by David Allen.

16. Don’t ever try to multi-task. Technically, you can’t. But if you try, you’ll only become unproductive at work and become more disappointed with yourself.

17. Work on a high-speed internet connection.

18. Ask for help when you have done a bit of Googling and thinking. Some problems can only be solved by discussing.

19. Check social media only after finishing some of your work.

20. Don’t bring your relationship issues to work. Try resolving such problems at home itself.

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21. Use Noisli — an app that provides sounds of nature — while working to increase your focus and boost your productivity as a result.

22. Bring your dog to work. Your pet can help you de-stress, and thereby, improve your performance.

23. Instead of drinking a cup of coffee in the afternoon, take a power nap.

24. Change places when you get stuck with a problem. Try solving the problem in the office terrace, for instance, and see if you are able to crack it there.

25. Get plenty of sleep — minimum seven hours — every day.