Image Source: Yorokobu

Let’s face it: all relationships are not hunky dory. Sometimes you might be being taken for a ride and not know it. You might be very in love, but perhaps your girlfriend has other plans! Here’s how to find out.

1) I don’t believe in monogamy.
Translation: I do, just not with you.

2) I caught that flu that’s been going around, so I’ll be in bed for a few days.
Translation: I’m vacationing with my gal pals and don’t want you along.

3) I like to keep my options open.
Translation: You’re hotter, but the other guy I’m dating is richer. And he has better taste in restaurants.

4) You’re such a great friend.
Translation: And that’s all you’ll ever be!

5) I can’t be in a relationship right now. I’m very busy.
Translation: You’re not good enough for me.

6) Why don’t we just go on a few more dates, and then see how it goes?
Translation: I’m just keeping you around for free food.

7) Sure let’s go on a vacation! I’ll invite all my friends too.
Translation: I cannot stand you for more than a few hours at a time, and have absolutely no intention of vacationing with you alone.

8) My parents don’t let me out that late.
Translation: And I’m so glad!

9) I’m staying away from relationships for now.
Translation: You’re just not hot enough to date me.

10) Sorry, I’m busy on Sunday. There’s a pooja at home.
Translation: I have a date.

11) You up for a movie?
Translation: My boyfriend is out of town, and I’m bored.

12) Oh, I wasn’t taking your calls, because my phone got stolen.
Translation : Stop hounding me all the time, you creep!

13) I can’t make it tomorrow. My best friend’s dog died.
Translation: Couldn’t stand the thought of an evening with you. Still recovering from last time.

14) Let’s keep it casual. I don’t want to commit so soon.
Translation: I’m just keeping you around till someone better comes along.

15) My sister is going through a bad divorce. I don’t have the time for a relationship now.
Translation: Not until someone better comes along, at least.

16) I need my space.
Translation: Please, don’t show up unless I call you.

17) I’m a free soul. I can’t be tied down.
Translation: I want to keep dating other guys too.

18) It’s best to not get too emotionally involved.
Translation: You’re just an option for me.

19) Maybe we should be seeing less of each other.
Translation: I think I’m falling for one of my other options.

20) You’re sweet.
Translation: Sigh. But not boyfriend material.

If you feel your partner isn’t as involved as you are in the relationship, or is just using you for something, it’s best to just end the relationship. Don’t let yourself be taken for a ride, and regret it later. No one is worth it.