If you are an aspiring leader, know that little things can make a big difference. Make these small changes to your routine to achieve success.

1. Wake up as early as possible. The best time to get things done is early morning.

2. Make a to-do list. Being organized and knowing what to do, saves time and increases productivity.

3. Incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Regular exercise keeps the brain healthy and fast.

4. Unwind everyday. Taking time out for recreation helps with productivity.


5. Work because you want to, not because you have to.

6. Set aside time everyday to deal with emails and correspondence. This makes sure you are not swamped with emails.

7. Keep track of your appointments.

8. Prioritize. Everyday, make a list of things that are urgent, things that are important, and things that are not worth your time.

9. Think long term.

10. Write down priorities for the day. This helps keep track of what to do.

11. Don’t forget to read the newspaper everyday. Keeping abreast of current events is very important for any entrepreneur.


12. Tie experimentation, willingness to invent, and innovation all together.


13. Get started now to avoid regret later. Whatever that task is that you’ve been putting off, do it now! There is no better time.

14. Keep your schedule and appointments stored in one place rather than having them scattered throughout different calendars, notebooks, and apps. This minimizes confusion and slip-ups.

16. Take time out for family, or to unwind with pets. Keeping motivation high is very important for an entrepreneur, and this helps with that.

17. Associate with interesting people. You can learn something from everyone. Always keep your eyes, ears and mind open.