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What is life but a series of moments strung together? In these countless moments, we find few that give our life meaning — the few that make us feel fortunate to be alive. These moments vary from one person to another, but some are such that they’re either common to all or accessible to everyone. We handpick 16 such moments of happiness, which will either rekindle a lovely memory for you from the past or keep you waiting with bated breath for it happen in the future. Let’s take a look.

1. When you do exceedingly well on your exams and make your mother proud.

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2. When you discover that the person you had a crush on likes you too.

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3. When you kiss your first love for the very first time.

4. The very first time you get paid for work

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5. Moving into a new home you bought all by yourself

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6. The moment you discover your life’s calling

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7. When you get spellbound by the beauty of nature

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8. When you dance in the rain like no one’s watching

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9. When you help someone in need simply because you want to

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10. The day you get married

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11. The day you buy your dream bike or car

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12. The day your child is born

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13. Hearing your child say their first few words

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14. Seeing your child walk for the first time

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15. When you become an uncle or aunt

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16. The day your grandchild is born

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