Image Source: Elle

Do you see how some people seem to be happy all the time? No matter what happens, they’re always ready with a smile. The art of being happy can be learnt. Here are some things happy people don’t give a damn about.

1. What others think or say.

People will always have opinions; letting what they say or think affect one’s self worth, is always a recipe for unhappiness.

2. The past or the future.

The past cannot be changed, and the future cannot be guessed at. Happy people don’t worry about the future or let their past hold them back. They live in the moment.

3. Expectations.

Having expectations from life or from other people leads to let-downs, disappointments and heart-break. Happy people never expect anything and are always pleasantly surprised when they do get something.

4. The woes of the world.

We undoubtedly live in a sad world- crime, poverty, racism and prejudice are rampant. But adding that to one’s already full basket of problems will only lead to unhappiness.

5. They don’t care about society’s expectations.

Happy people never want to conform or fit in. They don’t care about living up to society’s expectations. They do what makes them happy.

6. Wealth or success.

Wealth amassed is never a clear indicator of personal success or happiness. Happy people focus more on succeeding according to personal notions, rather than accepting the world’s notion of success. And personal success may not always mean commercial or monetary success.

7. They don’t care for approval or validation.

Waiting for approval can be a long wait. Instead, be your own validator. Make sure your life choices stand up to the moral and behavioral standards you have built for yourself; that is all that matters.

8. They don’t care for meddling in other people’s lives.

Your friend could be going through serious problems- while that is definitely a cause for concern, don’t let it affect your own happiness. Try and help as much as possible, but don’t take on the burden of making everyone happy by yourself.

9. They don’t hold grudges.

“Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”-Buddha. Happy people know that they are only sabotaging their own happiness by holding a grudge against someone else.

10. They don’t hang on to toxic relationships.

Relationships that make you unhappy, should have no place in your life. Know when to cut ties, and walk away.

11. They don’t care for gossip.

It’s usually people unhappy and dissatisfied with their own lives that gossip; they need to live vicariously through other people. Naturally happy people don’t need to do that.

12. They don’t care for revenge.

Happy people forgive and forget. They don’t devote time and energy to getting back at someone for what they did. This frees up their schedules for more rewarding pursuits.

13. They don’t care for complaining.

Truly happy people know that world is as it is, and that complaining will change nothing. They don’t waste their time complaining.

14. Age.

Age is just a number; it should never stop you from doing or enjoying something you truly want to. Smart and happy people don’t let their age get in the way of having fun.

15. Being right all the time.

Happy people don’t carry about always being right, or about losing face if they don’t know an answer. They are open to admitting that they don’t know, and seeking help.

Free up space in your life by not caring about these silly, little issues. It will make you much happier, and you will live longer.