“Love sees sharply; hatred sees even more sharp. But jealousy sees the sharpest — for it is love and hate at the same time.”
~ Arab proverb

If you love your girlfriend, these are the things you should never do to make her jealous.

1. When you’re out with her, and get a text from a female. Platonic friend, colleague or sister- don’t seem to keen to answer her text, and definitely don’t smile at it. Not only will your girlfriend consider it rude if you text someone while you’re out with her, it will make her jealous.


2. Raving on about how much a connection you have with another girl. Even if your girl-friend is super chilled-out, she will definitely not like hearing about you bonding with another girl. Emotional connections mean more to girls than physical ones.

3. Looking forward to guys’ night out too much. Being excited about spending time with other friends might make her think you don’t enjoy time spent with her. That could be a cause for jealousy.

4. Telling her how ‘cool’ some girl is. All girls consider themselves chilled-out and cool. Labeling another girl cool, makes her rethink her own coolness, and wonder if she’s been clingy or needy.

5. Ignoring texts or calls. Nothing makes a girl feel more neglected and jealous than if you don’t reply to her. Even if you’re busy, send her a text saying you are, rather than ignoring her outright.

6. Being too touchy-feely with other girls. Getting physically close to other girls might make your girl feel jealous. Of course, if she’s secure and cool, you don’t have to worry about it.

7. Spending too much time in the company of exes. Staying in touch with exes shouldn’t be a problem, but if you spend a lot of time with an ex, or talk about her all the time, your girlfriend could get jealous.

9. Helping out that hot girl in your office could seem like a threat to your girlfriend and give her cause to be jealous. Even if it was perfectly innocent.

10. Paying for a (female) co-worker’s meal can sometimes cause jealousy. Paying for someone is very reminiscent of a date, and might make your girlfriend insecure.


11. Sometimes showing too much love for your mother or sister, or even a pet could make your girl jealous. Girls like to be the center of attention and to be fawned over.

13. Being overly social on Facebook. Men can tend to forget their boundaries and be much more forward on social media than they would be in real life. If this doesn’t make a girl jealous, I don’t know what will.

14. Defending another woman or praising her too much in front of your girlfriend can make her jealous too. It’s okay to talk about other girls, but don’t over do it.

15. Being too chivalrous to another woman. You might be naturally chivalrous, but girls are programmed to think that chivalry goes hand-in-hand with physical attraction. Be careful with this one.

Girls are portrayed as crazy, jealous creature in cinema and on TV. But if you take care to avoid the things that make your girl jealous, and show a little consideration for her feelings, there shouldn’t be a problem.