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Busy works schedules, toxic relationships, bad habits — there are many things that make living a tough job. If that’s how you feel about life, here are 15 simple ways to hit the reset button and reinvent a whole new life and being.

1. Take a break from everything you’re doing. You need ample time to introspect on your problems and connect with yourself. So, it’s crucial that you’re not busy with work.

2. Learn a new language. This is your opportunity to learn about a different culture and gain more insights and ideas on life and make your experiences more meaningful.

3. Read out of your comfort area. Read about how ants build their homes, for instance. Learning new things will open your mind to broader worldviews.

4. Wake up early and devote those few extra hours mindfully to do something you love.

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5. Keep some time every day to meditate. For your mind to function at its best, you need to re-energize it with a heady dose of silence on a regular basis.

6. Let go of all the past grudges. Consciously choose to forgive those who you have been hating and find closure. Unless you don’t choose to make peace, you’ll never be happy.

7. Express your love to your parents, kids, wife and friends. Don’t box such positive feelings inside and wait for the right moment to confess them.

8. Open a new account and start saving money every month. Fix a certain amount and religiously transfer that money on the new account without making any excuses.

9. Quit smoking. There is absolutely no justification for clogging up your lungs with harmful chemicals and making yourself weak and inefficient as a result.

10. Donate things you no longer use — books, clothes, utensils, everything. You’ll be surprised by the vast amount of free space that becomes visible to you in your home.

11. Write down one specific goal of your life in bold letters on a huge piece of paper and paste it on your wall where you can see it every day.

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12. Go on a solo trip. Travelling alone crushes your ego and opens you up for better possibilities. By the end of your journey, you will become a transformed person.

13. Go vegan for a month. This diet habit will cleanse your body by removing all the toxins accumulated because of your junk diet and reinvent a healthy being.

14. Make a personal manifesto. Write down your values, principles and a strong mission statement for yourself and read it every day before going to work.

15. Your knowledge and talent can be of great use to someone. So instead of keeping them to yourself, start a blog and share all that you know with the world.