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Traveling to another country, especially if you’re alone, isn’t easy. It takes months of planning, learning, and saving to go on a trip. You experience wanderlust every time you look at your Instagram feed. But taking that plunge is what makes all the difference. You keep putting it off and give yourself reasons not to travel alone. Making this decision isn’t easy, but it will be the best decision you make. Here are 15 reasons why you need to travel alone at least once.

1. You learn who you are and discover new things about yourself because of the challenges and opportunities that present themselves to you.

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2. You become a child again when you travel to a country with different dialects or traditions. Travel disrupts the equation and gives you a chance to tap into your adolescence.

3. You start paying attention to the small things — the cracks on cobbled pathways in Bordeaux, the tantalizing aroma of the street food in Thailand, or the clear waters of the islands in Caribbean.

4. You gain a newer perspective and look at the place in a different light, not what’s portrayed by media.

5. You learn to savour time and enjoy every minute of the day when you explore a new city or try a new cuisine. You take the time and effort to appreciate everything that comes your way.

6. You develop a new personality with every place you travel to. You find yourself more calm when you visit the ruins of Greece or more exhilarated when you walk through the streets of The Netherlands.

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7. You learn to be comfortable alone without seeking constant company or guidance. You start trusting your instincts and yourself better every time you travel alone.

8. You learn to be less materialistic and focus more on the journey because no one had fun rolling around their trolleys across a backpacking trip in South Asia.

9. You open yourself to more experiences and tastes, whether it’s the street food in Vienna or the feasts in Morocco.

10. You get in touch with your creative side and learn to express yourself better in the form of writing or art.

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11. You receive worldly education by listening to the stories of the locals or fellow travellers, giving you more insight into the lives of people across the world.

12. You learn to embrace adventure — speedboating in New Zealand, navigating the alleys of Marrakech, or discovering the ancient castles of Scotland.

13. You learn to challenge yourself instead of Googling every dilemma you face. You learn to approach people and ask them directions instead of relying on technology.

14. You learn new languages even if it means a few words in Balinese, greetings in Spanish, or cuss words in Thai.

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15. You feel more confident, you find comfort and clarity along with the meaningful relationships you create along the way.