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1. Great leaders give credit to the team when they succeed and take responsibility in times of failure. This inspires teammates and protects them against the fear of failing.

2. They hold themselves and others accountable, but after having established expectations with themselves and others. This helps everyone in the team grow.

3. They’re impeccable with their word, consistently delivering on their promises and making things happen when they say they will. This instills people’s trust in your word.

4. They engage with people regularly about the work being done, constantly talking to them about how their work contributes to the grand scheme of things.

5. They adapt to changing situations quickly. They’re not glued to certain ways of doing things. They’re willing to change approaches and policies whenever situations call for it.

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6. They know how to delegate tasks effectively. This is possible because they trust their team with the job. People who try to do everything by themselves fail in the long run.

7. They foster creativity and innovation. They know that one strategy cannot account for their success indefinitely. So, they encourage innovation to find new ways to succeed.

8. They’re honest and trustworthy. They know how important these two key qualities are in inspiring trust and a sense of purpose in everyone they work with.

9. They’re enthusiastic about their work, as they look forward to coming to work and discussing new and interesting work-related ideas. Their teams feed off that enthusiasm.

10. They inspire people in their vision and take them along on their journey. They know that this is key to making a dream come true together as a team.

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11. They keep calm in complex or uncertain situations. Challenges arise regularly in different forms, but a leader knows how to sail through them calmly.

12. They make decisions. Sometimes, those decisions may not even be grounded in certainty, but someone who people look up to cannot afford to be indecisive.

13. They’re empathetic towards everyone they work with. They listen to their team mates and understand where they’re coming from before taking a call or making any judgments.

14. They’re excellent planners, but with an uncanny knack for spontaneity. Planning is important for achieving bigger goals, but they’re willing to move away from it if need be.

15. They develop those around them, as they believe that true leadership comes from creating more leaders, not by trying to latch on to some false sense of authority.