Image Source: Ibnlive

In a few days we’ll enter the new year. So, now’s the perfect time to sit down and make a list of resolutions. However, making resolutions doesn’t necessarily mean writing down big goals, it can even be little habits that we should change for a better life ahead. Especially, for an Indian, a better life begins by changing some basic habits.

Here are 14 resolutions for all Indians.

1. Follow traffic rules.

2. Don’t honk unless you have to.

3. Stop watching reality shows, shape your reality instead.

4. Start reading good books, which means cutting down on Chetan Bhagat novels.

5. Stop judging women for the clothes they wear.

6. Stop the habit of over-eating at weddings.

7. Stop spitting on roads and pavements and start being more eco-conscious.

8. Work on your pronunciation. For instance, it’s ‘Boo-fay’, and not ‘BUf-fet’.

9. Stop considering sex as a taboo.

10. Stop staring at white people on roads and malls.

11. Stop picking up fights in local bars.

12. Follow the queue system when you have to.

13. Stop depending on your parents if you’ve turned 25.

14. Stop obsessing over fair-skinned women.

15. Travel around the country and start exploring more and more of its diversity.