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A girl right from her childhood dreams of her knight in shining armor to be a tall, dark and handsome young man who will treat her like a princess and love her to his best. But, only a few women are lucky enough to experience it in their lifetime, because history says that all women at some point in their life or the other fall for the wrong guy.

So whether the guy you dated was a college flame, a mutual friend, or someone you met on an online dating site, here’s a list of the kinds of men every woman would have dated in her lifetime:

1. The traveler

He’s the one who’s always ready with his backpack to set out on a new adventure. He’s the guy who has amazing stories to tell about places around the world, but he isn’t the guy who will always stick to you and deal with your tantrums.

2. The druggie

He’s the one who has the thought of consuming alcohol or drugs constantly lurking in his mind. He’s the one who’s never in his senses about what he does and what he speaks. He would not even realize if he breaks your heart when he’s stoned.

3. The rude guy

He’s the most impolite and discourteous guy you’ve ever come across. He is someone who flirts with every passing girl even in your presence— whether it is the lady bartender or your friend.

4. The nerd

He’s the geek. He’s the nice guy— loyal, caring, creative and intelligent not only towards you but also towards his work. He’s someone who will most probably emphasize more with his career rather than you.

5. The momma’s boy

He’s just so used to his momma doing everything for him, that he’s never able to take any decisions without his mother’s help. He’s the one who prioritizes his mom and expects you to do everything she wants you to do.

6. The stalker

He’s the type of guy who keeps a tab of every activity in your life — where did you go? what did you eat? when did you take a shower? Be it on social media or in-person, he is the stalker who’s so very interested in curbing your freedom and space.

7. The dreamer

He’s the one who’s just content in planning and imagining things to do in a better way instead of actually materializing them. He’s the dreamer — the one who has goals but doesn’t know how to achieve them.

8. The shy boy

He isn’t the one who will manipulate you to get into bed with him. Instead, you’re the one who needs to approach him even for a kiss or a hug. He’s nervous all the time and scared of losing you.

9. The nightlifer

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He’s the guy who loves to party and is the ultimate playboy. He will not think twice about lying to you so he can party at the strip club with his friends.

10. The cheater

He’s the one about whom your mom has been warning you all your life. He is the cheater who won’t hesitate to break your heart and start a relationship with a new woman.

11. The stingy guy

He’s the cheap guy, who never bothers to buy you a gift and always opts to go to the cheapest restaurant for a dinner date. He is the ungenerous miser who always avoids paying the bills.

12. The misogynist

He’s the sexist who hates women and never hesitates to accept that truth about himself. He openly shows his bitterness towards women. He is the one who thinks that a woman’s place belongs in the kitchen.

13. The arguer

He’s the one who is impatient and can never accept his faults. He is the type of guy who turns every discussion into an argument and picks fights on every issue.

14. The douche

He’s the one who is all concerned about his looks, attires and image in the society. He does anything and everything to appear perfect in the eyes of people only for a secret reason, which is — he’s insecure.

15. The judgmental guy

He might be the “eligible bachelor” who never drinks nor smokes, but he is the one who probably asks his girl to follow his cue and tells her what she should do, and what she shouldn’t.