2015 proved to be a great year for comic book fans. Some amazing talent came together to produce some awesome illustrations and great story lines to evoke creativity the world over.

Out of all the comics released in 2015, here are fourteen of the most popular ones:

1. Secret Wars

Publisher: Marvel

Writer: Jonathan Hickman

Image Source: Marvel

2. Unflattening

Publisher: Harvard University Press

Writer: Nick Sousanis

Image Source: Amazon

3. Bombshells

Publisher: DC

Writer: Marguerite Bennett

Image Source: Comic book resources

4. Incidents in the Night

Publisher: Uncivilized books

Writer: David B.


Image Source: Uncivilized books

5. Book of Death

Publisher: Valiant

Writer: Robert Venditti


Image Source: Valiant universe


Publisher: Bergen Street Comics

Writer: Michel Fife

Image Source: Comics reporter

7. Huck

Publisher: Image

Writer: Mark Miller

Huck 001-001

Image Source: Hello comic

8. Saga

Publisher: Image

Writer: Brian K. Vaughan

Image Source: Pop verse

9. Lumberjanes

Publisher: Boom

Writer: Grace Ellis


Image Source: Comics alliance

10. An Entity Observes All Things

Publisher: Retrofit Comics/ Big Planet

Writer: Box Brown


Image Source: Comixology

11. Bitch Planet


Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick


Image Source: Forbidden planet

12. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

Publisher: Marvel

Writer: Ryan North


Image Source: Marvel

13. Grayson

Publisher: DC

Writers: Tim Seeley and Tom King.


Image Source: DC

14. Southern Bastards

Publisher: Image

Writer: Jason Aaron

Image Source: Image comics

15. Plutona

Publisher: Image

Writer: Jeff Lemire


Image Source: Comics beat