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How do you ensure you’re the best couple ever, the one all your friends are jealous of? Well, it takes effort and love to turn a loving relationship into an awesome one. Are you game?

1. Know when to forgive.

Love is all about forgiveness. No matter how bad your fights, if you’re in love, you must have the ability to forgive.

2. Don’t stretch fights out more than they deserve.

Get over with fights as soon as you can, and don’t hold grudges. Once you’ve talked something over, it shouldn’t be revisited. Fight to resolve issues, not to create new ones.

3. Have faith in your love.

Things might be bad sometimes, but know that your love for each other will get you through. Never lose faith in your love and togetherness.

4. Know that things will get better.

Relationships aren’t all smooth sailing. But if there are rough patches, there are good times too. Just make sure the good times outnumber the bad!

5. Keep lines of communication open.

Good communication is the key to a healthy relationship. your feelings with your partner and make sure they are never in the dark about how you feel. Be a good listener too.

6. Be faithful to your partner.

Loyalty and faithfulness are what keep a relationship going. Don’t cheat on your partner and think they won’t find it. They will.

7. Trust your partner, and your instincts.

Trust is the backbone of a relationship. If you don’t trust them, how can you possibly love them? If you truly love your partner, never let your faith in them waver.

8. Every once in a while, try putting yourself in their shoes.

You can only fully appreciate your partner, and all that they do, if you imagine yourself in their shoes. Do not underestimate the effort they put in, into making your relationship successful.

9. All you need, is a little patience.

Good things don’t come easily and quickly. It takes time for a couple to form a bond of understanding and companionship. Don’t rush it.

10. Know that there will be bad times too.

All couples go through rough patches now and then. Don’t let them overwhelm you. The knowledge that it’s just a phase, and that things will get better, helps.

11. Be emotionally available.

Be emotionally invested in the relationship. your feelings with your partner.

12. Love unconditionally.

Love is really all it takes to keep a relationship going; everything else is immaterial. If you love each other enough, nothing else will matter in the relationship.