If you despise the dull routine and don’t understand the need for strict workplace norms, don’t worry. There’s nothing wrong with you. And there are more of your kind.

All of us have been conditioned to think of a 9-to-5 job as necessary to making a living. But that’s far from the truth, and more and more people are now starting to realize this.

If you’re a part of this tribe or want to find out if you are, here are the definite signs.

1. You hate it when the alarm rings in the morning.

2. You never reach work on time. Instead, you keep finding new excuses to miss work.

3. You get bored with your daily work easily. You want to do different things every day.

4. You hate taking orders and like to be your boss.

5. You hate wearing formals to work. You prefer working in casual, comfortable clothes.

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6. You hate working towards meeting strict deadlines. You like working at your pace.

7. You hate to read your salary statement every month. And then you think about taking matters in your hands and look for different ways to become rich.

8. You like to take several breaks to get recharged. But since you can’t do that freely in your 9-to-5 setup, you hate it.

9. Sitting at your desk for eight long hours makes you feel like you’ve been unfairly chained to it.

10. You feel like you’re losing out on all the amazing things happening outside your boring office. You constantly feel the need to go out and experience new things.











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11. You just can’t look down and keep working like a machine. You keep looking for sources of entertainment.

12. You love socializing and growing your network.