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A breakup is always painful and hard to deal with. The pain becomes worse when you start getting signals from your ex that mean he still wants you back in his life. It becomes painful dealing with these signals because you’re not sure of his motive — does he really want to get back to me or simply unable to move on?

To help you know if your ex still loves you, and whether you have a chance to get back with him, you need to look out for some definite signs. Here they are.

1. He tries to tie up the loose ends of what was a good relationship by apologizing for the mistakes he made and constantly telling you he has turned into a better person now.

2. You can be sure that he’s thinking of you and wants you back when he keeps calling and texting to check on you and regularly asking how you’re doing in life.

3. When you keep hearing from your common friends that he speaks constantly about you and about how he misses you desperately.

4. When he drunk dials you often and pours his heart out and expresses all the “feelings” that he has for you.

5. When he keeps talking about things like, how much he loved you when you both were dating each other and what a perfect relationship it was till the end.

6. Even after your breakup, you like to touch each other, like a touch of the hand or warm hugs, or even excessive handshakes.

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7. When he tries to remind you of the special moments you both had together, like your first anniversary and how he surprised you. Then, something’s definitely brewing.

8. If your ex gets annoyed, sad and angry at you whenever he sees you flirting with other guys and talking sweetly to them, you can be sure he isn’t over you yet.

9. Even if you don’t talk to him regularly, when your ex keeps a tab on your daily activities just to know if you’re dating someone else, then he’s definitely still interested in you.

10. When he still loves you, he’ll be the one who’s always willing to help you even when you don’t need it.

11. When he refuses to date any other woman despite having broken up with you and his friends having tried hard to hook him up.

12. The biggest sign perhaps is, when he openly tells you that he misses you and how he misses all the times you spent together and that his life now is incomplete.