There are many ways one can be productive and technology today has only made it easier. While productivity is highly dependent on the habits you develop, technology, in the form of apps, can help you keep track of these habits and make it possible for you to collaborate and work seamlessly with your teams. Here are 12 highly rated apps that can help you to become more productive.

1. Swiftkey

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Take your touch keyboard interface to the next level with Swiftkey. With features such as word prediction, improved auto-correct, and beautiful themes, you can not only make your keyboard look exactly how you want it but you will be able to type much more quickly and accurately on your tablet than ever before.


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There is no arguing that is one of the best task-management apps there is right now. With its sophisticated design, this app gives you a rundown of your to-dos throughout the day in its signature style called “the moment” via push notification every morning.

3. Expensify

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Expensify makes it much simpler for you to keep up with your expenses while on the road and you can even use it to snap pictures of your receipts to submit to your company later so you don’t have to keep track of a bunch of small receipts while you are traveling.

4. Asana

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If you are looking for an app that allows collaboration, task, and project management all in one, Asana is your best bet. It allows up to 15 people to work on a project. Asana is cloud-based and also offers a web app that allows you to continue working on your project whether at home or on-the-go.

5. Cloudmagic

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This alternative email client is designed to support many popular email services including Yahoo, Exchange, Gmail, Outlook, and IMAP accounts. But what sets it apart from the competition is CloudMagic’s streamlined interface that allows you to efficiently manage your accounts thanks to its intuitive controls.

6. Dropbox

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This app lets you store precious moments of your life as well as files in its remote cloud servers in a cinch. Dropbox has a simple yet intuitive interface that makes organizing and managing photos, albums, and files easy. It’s availability in a web browser also makes it convenient to share photos, videos, or documents across several platforms.

7. Evenote

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Evernote allows you to easily create, manage and even share almost any type of note you need to take. Over 100 million people use Evernote on a regular basis to help them manage their work and jot down any tasks that they need to remember later.

8. Google Drive

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Managing files and documents has never been this easy especially when you are using Google Drive. This app provides a wide range of options that makes life easier when you’re on-the-go. We recommend that you access Google Drive first in your computer’s web browser to get a quick overview of its galore of offerings.

9. Trello

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Trello is much like a very powerful whiteboard. Using it you can create boards of everything you have to get done. Instead of just plain old boring lists, you can attach images, videos and much more. You can even collaborate with others using Trello and assign someone working on each and every card pasted to your whiteboard.

10. Google Keep

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Google Keep allows you to flawlessly sync your notes with Google Drive. While touted as a rival of Evernote before, Google Keep has decidedly remained simple and only offers a quick way to create colored sticky notes and reminders, which makes it perfect. Because it’s conceived to work with Google Drive, your notes in Google Keep can also be accessed easily from any other platform.

11. Lastpass Password Manager

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Experts recommend that every account must have its unique password for security. While that advice makes sense, it does take away a little bit of fun from our lives. If you have many different accounts with different passwords, LastPass is a good way to keep them secure while ensuring that they don’t get lost in your complex grey matter.

12. Onenote

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Microsoft’s answer to other mobile note-taking apps, OneNote works well if you sync it with your SkyDrive account. Just like Google Keep and Evernote, OneNote offers easy collaboration by allowing multiple users to access notes and documents at once. If you have Windows 8 already, OneNote is a must.

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This app will not only help you avoid getting paper junks in your mailbox but will also save nature by simply snapping a picture. It’s a great tool to stop coupon books, magazines, catalogs, white and yellow pages, fliers, etc. What you need to do is take a photo of the offending junk mail, upload it, and let PaperKarma do the rest. You must have an account from PaperKarma to use the app.