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Dengue fever is on the rise in India and is transmitted by mosquito bites. It is categorised as a flavivirus disease, also known as breakbone fever, and some of its symptoms include severe joint and muscle pain, swollen lymph nodes, headache, high body temperature, exhaustion, and skin rash similar to measles.

The acute phase of the illness with fever lasts about one to two weeks, and because dengue fever is caused by a virus, there is no specific medicine, antibiotic or vaccination to treat or prevent the disease. Therefore, the infected patients are generally asked to rest, drink fluids, and take paracetamol/pain killers to bring down the fever and reduce joint pains.

Some of the most effective preventative strategies include applying mosquito repellent on exposed parts of the body, and avoiding stagnant water in your vicinity, as that is where mosquitoes reproduce.

However, if you’re already infected by the virus, here are some home remedies you can follow for a quick recovery and to alleviate the symptoms:

1. Neem leaves or neem oil

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Neem leaves are a common treatment for various ailments and dengue fever is no exception here. Soak and boil neem leaves in water and then drink the subsequent brew which helps in increasing both blood platelet count and white blood cell count, two of the most dangerous effects of the dengue virus. While suffering from dengue fever, brewed neem leaves can improve the immune system and return the body’s strength much faster than any other home remedies. Neem oil is also a great purifying agent. It can be applied on a damp warm cloth in dosages of between 15 to 60 ml and kept on the forehead 2-3 times daily.

2. Water

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Due to the excessive sweating, bodily exertion, and the internal toll that dengue fever takes on the body, extreme dehydration is common, therefore, to bring down the body temperature and to keep the body hydrated, drink as much water as you can to replace fluid loss. Drinking a lot of water will also help ease symptoms like headaches and muscle cramps, both of which are results of dehydration. Sufficient water will help to flush the body and eliminate excess toxins from the body.

3. Papaya leaves

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Papaya leaves are widely known for being a natural cure for dengue fever. Papaya leaves’ juice is extremely beneficial for its nutrients and organic compounds, which can increase your platelet count, the high levels of vitamin C help stimulates the immune system, while the antioxidants present in the leaves helps in reducing oxidative stress and eliminates excess toxins in the blood.

4. Coriander

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The juice of fresh coriander leaves is also a cure to the dengue fever. Coriander is high in Vitamin C and can be taken in the form of a tonic by juicing it to reduce the fevers.

5. Kakamachi leaves

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Kakamachi leaves are usually taken in the form of syrup, and helps reduce the fever. The syrup is a soothing and cooling drink that can expel negative toxins from the digestive system and purify it. A cup of kakamachi syrup twice daily is the recommended dosage.

6. Barley grass

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Barley grass is a great cure for dengue infection as it has the ability to increase the body’s blood platelet count by stimulating the production of more blood cells. One can drink barley tea or eat barley grass directly to see a rapid increase in platelet count.

7. Hogweed

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Hogweed, popularly known as punarnava, is used to bring down temperatures. Having the juice of punarnava leaves produces plenty of perspiration which flushes the toxins and brings the fever down.

8. Fenugreek leaves

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This is another natural cure for reducing the dengue fever. Fenugreek leaves also known as methi, act as a slight sedative to ease pain and promote more restful sleep for dengue infected people.

9. Basil leaves

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People with dengue fever can chew on basil leaves to boost their immunity and cure dengue fever. Basil essential oil can also be used as a repellent as it has natural insecticidal properties, making basil a treatment as wells as a preventative strategy.

10. Tulsi (Holy basil)

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Boiled tulsi leaves served in a warm drink like tea can help prevent an outbreak of dengue. Tulsi is also very effective in bringing down fever and has all the properties that can strengthen the internal system against fever. It can also be taken as a preventative measure as consuming tulsi causes the body to perspire, which leaves a lot of salt on the upper layer of the skin. Mosquitoes tend to avoid biting skin which has perspired.

11. Orange juice

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Orange is rich in vitamins and antioxidants which helps in treating the secondary symptoms of dengue fever and eliminating the virus from the body. The Vitamin C in orange juice plays a crucial role in the release of toxins from the patient’s body.

12. Goldenseal

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Goldenseal is a herb which is highly appraised by homeopathic physicians for its ability to clear up the symptoms of dengue fever very quickly and eliminate the virus from the body. One can consume it by chewing, or by juicing it.

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