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There’s no relationship like the one shared between two best friends. Inside jokes, secret handshakes, and pinky promises — these are the perks of having a best friend forever. You know they’ll help you bury a body if you’ve committed murder, but you also know they’ll slap you silly after destroying the evidence.

But getting to this holy grail of friendship isn’t easy. There are certain milestones you must go through and unless you’ve passed them, your friendship is just a plain, old friendship.

1. Sharing a toilet cubicle when you’re tired of waiting in the long line and one of you needs advice or gossip that can’t wait any longer.

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2. Telling each other gross stories and trying your best to out-gross each other, because that’s what makes the heart grow fonder.

3. Admitting your hate for someone and feeling a sense of relief, because you know they won’t judge you and will probably join you in the bitch fest.

4. Calling them up in the middle of the night because you’re bored, upset, annoyed, or just needed to hear their voice echo through the phone.

5. Dishing it out to them and telling it like it is, especially when it’s a bad haircut or decision, because no one else can be as honest as you with them.

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6. Analyzing texts from their crush or partner and making up theories, because the both of you have nothing better to do.

7. Laughing at each other, especially if one of you trips while walking or have something on the teeth.

8. Giving them unqualified medical advice by checking out that weird mole or a weird development in the area down south.

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9. Seeing each other naked and complimenting each other’s body because everyone loves their confidence boosted sometimes.

10. Talking for three hours continuously about nothing informative or remotely interesting, because random conversations are the best.

11. Taking their side in an argument even if you’re not involved, especially if it means bashing their pretentious friend’s comment on their Facebook status.

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12. Sitting next to each other in complete silence and enjoying each other’s company without feeling bored or awkward.