Leaders often seem to know the right thing to say and do in every situation. Their natural poise and unshakable confidence seem innate, but that’s not always the case. Most leaders are self taught and constantly strive to better themselves everyday even now. Here are things you can learn from their habits.

1. They wake up before the sun.Mornings are the best time to get work done without disturbance.

2. They delegate. No one can do everything by themselves and be everywhere all at once. If you aim big, you have to trust others to get the littler tasks done.

3. They’re constantly learning. It’s never too late to learn and you can never know too much about something.

4. They practice respect. Everybody, from the peon in office to a high flying client likes to be treated with respect. The best way to motivate people and get good results out of them is this, and leaders know it.

5. Most world leaders and icons function on very little sleep-just a few hours a day! There are only so many hours in the day. Sometimes you have to sacrifice on things like sleep to get ahead in life.

6. They take responsibility. When things go wrong, the worker cannot be blamed. A good leader always takes full responsibility for everything that goes wrong.

7. They constantly hone their communication skills. Effective communication is very important for a leader to get the best results out of his team.

8. Leaders know how to share credit. In a large organization, everyone has a role to play in smooth functioning. And people don’t like their efforts going unnoticed. A good leader always motivates and rewards the right people.

9. They work, work, work! Constantly.

10. Leaders always have a back-up plan for scenarios gone wrong. It’s important to have plan B. A doesn’t always work out.

11. Leaders know when to be tough and when to give in. Diplomacy, and the ability to use strength when required is very essential and good leaders are pros at it.

12. They are constantly motivated and work towards motivating the team. Every team needs a motivator. And the spirits of the leader affect those of the whole team. He needs to be able to inspire and motivate when spirits hit a low, and productivity is down.