Image Source: Huffpost

It’s a well-known fact that saving money and budgeting is a hard thing to do, but it’s also necessary if you want to secure your future. Most often people look for tricks to save money but fail miserably. The process of saving should be simple.

Here are simple DIY hacks that’ll help you accumulate savings in the future:

1. Start using the piggy bank you’re using as a decorative item on your shelf to store a fixed amount of money regularly — even if the amount is little.

2. Stop relying on your debit or credit card for buying things. Instead, start paying through cash to keep a check on how much you’re spending.

3. Become coupon-savvy. This will help you save enough money while buy everyday items.

4. Turn off the lights, power strips and other electronic devices when not in use to conserve energy, and consequently, pay lesser in electricity bills.

5. Buy branded or designer products from online rebate sites which offer discount coupons and cash back.

6. Use carpool service to spend less for your travel and also to save the environment from pollution.

7. Grow your own vegetable garden to spend less while you get your grocery for the month.

8. Eat vegetarian meals at least twice or thrice every week to save a few bucks instead of spending on expensive seafood or meat.

9. Avoid eating out and start cooking at home. This will not only help you save money but also keep you healthy.

10. A glass of wine or a peg of whiskey after a tiring day at work might sound harmless, but alcohol is expensive and reducing its consumption can save you a lot of money.

11. Use a prepaid phone plan to avoid spending a huge amount of money in paying postpaid bills.

12. Borrow books from the library or start reading e-books rather than spending on hardcover books.