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Have your romantic overtures always been turned down? Do you feel that you would make a great boyfriend or girlfriend, but your flirting game always lets you down? Perhaps you’re coming on too strong, or not strong enough. It’s time for a change.

1. Avoid elaborate pick-up lines.

Nobody ever falls for pick up lines, they fall for a person. Instead of wasting your time googling over-the-top pick-up lines, spend your time getting to know the other person better. They will appreciate a real conversation more than a mugged up line.

2. Pay genuine compliments.

Compliments are always welcome, but only when they’re non intrusive and polite. Thinking that you can comment on a girl’s assets and expecting her to take it as a compliment, isn’t fair. Keep your compliments on the formal side.

3. Focus more on personality than looks.

If you’re using compliments to flirt, keep in mind that people like being told they’re interesting, strong or intelligent, more than they like being told they’re pretty. Keep it real.

4. Don’t come on too strong.

You don’t want to come across as a desperate, creepy perv, do you? Keep it simple and casual.

5. Be yourself.

Being someone you’re not, no matter how interesting that fake person is, will never get you the girl.

6. Don’t lie, even about little things.

Small exaggerations about how much you earn, or what a globe trotter you are, might seem harmless on the face of it, but they could expose you as a liar, and a braggadocio later on.

7. Don’t say things you don’t mean.

Avowing your undying love for someone you’ve just met, or calling her the most beautiful girl you’ve ever seen, isn’t realistic. Keep it simple and real.

8. Use body language to your advantage.

Lean in, smile, make eye contact- use all the ways you know to show them you’re interested.

9. Gauge their reactions.

It is very important to make sure your attentions are not unwanted. A smart indicator to tell how the other person feels about you, is body language. Check to see if they have their feet pointed towards you, and seem interested in what you say.

10. Know the difference between hitting on, and stalking.

Make sure you never cross the line into threatening, or even annoying territory. You could get into serious trouble. if you have to be told to back off, you’ve lost the flirting battle already.

11. Be genuine, and warm.

This is the time to be as warm as you possible can. Show off your nicest side, exude positivity and energy, and be your real self. No pretending.