Love can make us blind, even when something is glaringly obvious to everyone around. People in love can go on being deluded for years sometimes, not realizing that the person they’re with isn’t worth it. Make sure you’re not in love with the wrong person.

1. Your significant other doesn’t respect your parents, or isn’t nice to your friends. This is a huge danger signal.

2. You dread hanging out with them, instead of looking forward to it, and it’s more like a chore or an obligation rather than a fun thing to do.

3. They haven’t bothered getting to know your friends, family, pets and you’re really not all that keen on introducing them. This could be a subconscious indication that you know the relationship won’t really last.

4. You don’t feel comfortable being your usual self with them, and always think carefully before speaking. If you can’t speak your mind and bare your heart to them, something’s wrong with the relationship.

5. He/she does not create in you a desire to improve, to be a better version of you. The two of you are content with how things are and do not make an effort for each other.He/she does not

6. Your significant other is condescending, belittling or talks down to you. Emotional abuse is rampant, and can be hard to spot sometimes.

7. He/she takes you for granted, never bothers to be on time, and doesn’t respect your wishes or your beliefs.

8. You have widely different political or religious views and either of you cannot live with someone who doesn’t share the same views.

9. Your significant other hardly makes you smile or laugh; even thinking about them doesn’t bring a smile to your face.

10. Your partner makes you jealous, makes you feel insecure and doesn’t include you in his/her life. He/she is always being secretive or excluding you from things.

11. Your pet doesn’t like him/her. Animals, like children, have a very accurate sixth sense, and if your pet doesn’t like your partner, he is probably not right for you.