Image Source: Huffington Post

Trust is paramount in a relationship. No healthy relationship can exist without trust. But trust or not, snooping is never a good idea. It takes the onus of blame from the other partner to the snooper.

1. It destroys trust.

Once caught snooping, the trust between the two of you will never be the same again. You can never recover from an episode of snooping, without facing major trust issues.

2. You might not like what you find.

If you snoop, be prepared to be hurt. Like the popular adage goes, people who eavesdrop on other people, should be prepared to hear mean things about themselves.

3. You’re the untrustworthy one here, not them.

If you think having an untrustworthy partner justifies your snooping, a heads up-it doesn’t! It just makes you the untrustworthy one.

4. There’s no talking your way out of it.

You cannot claim that you read their messages accidentally. You can use no excuse to justify your snooping. There’s just no way out of it.

5. If you’re snooping on them just for a reason to break up, it’s a big mess already.

So you want to break up with your partner, but are waiting for a good enough reason? Are you snooping through their things, hoping to find damning evidence that will give you an excuse to break up? Your relationship is doomed already. Just give up.

6. You have no right to violate someone’s privacy.

When the very same people who are zealous about their own privacy, violate others’, they forget how it feels. If you can’t stand someone going through your phone and messages, don’t do it to others.

7. Things taken out of context can be misunderstood, and often are.

You might not know the context or tone of a conversation your partner had. You cannot hope to understand the dynamics of his/her relationship with someone else, and that can cause serious misunderstandings. Something said in jest, can spark off major fights.

8. It makes you come across as insecure.

Only an insecure person would stoop to the extent of snooping and spying on the person they love the most. If this happens, you need to deal with your insecurities, not project them onto your partner.

9. If you feel the need to snoop, you’re with the wrong person.

You can’t have love without trust, and if you feel the need to snoop on this person, give yourself a break, and find someone you can actually trust.

10. It takes away your peace of mind.

The more you snoop, the more suspicious and antsy you get. You begin to second guess everything they say or do, and get more and more insecure about yourself.

11. Just because someone wants privacy, it doesn’t mean they have something to hide.

Privacy is a basic right everyone has, and saying that if someone didn’t have something to hide, they wouldn’t put passwords on important accounts, is just silly.