Ever since childhood, we are conditioned to keep quiet. To be diplomatic and keep our negative thoughts to ourselves. But being open and honest can have a host of benefits. Sure it might mean stepping over a few toes, but it will also mean increased inner happiness and peace. Here’s why people who speak their mind are some of the happiest people on Earth.

1. They don’t have to keep track of their lies.

Remembering what you said, and to whom, can be hard to remember, People who always speak their mind, don’t have to worry about any of that!

2. They sleep better at night.

The peace of mind that comes from being honest and truthful is a rare commodity, and ensures sound sleep every night. Integrity always counts for something.

3. They have a lot of positivity.

Negativity and grudges stem from keeping things bottled up inside. As open and frank people don’t keep things inside, they are free of all forms of negativity.

4. People’s opinions don’t affect them.

The confidence to speak your mind, comes from a disinclination to pay to much attention to what people say, and agonize over it. People say what they want to, but whether or not to get affected by it, is a personal choice.

5. They can take criticism well.

Since they are themselves so blunt and frank, they don’t mind being told a few home truths themselves. In fact, they welcome constructive criticism and take it in their stride.

6. They are honest with themselves.

Just like they don’t mince words with others, they don’t do it for themselves either. They are never in denial; instead they get up and face facts!

7. They have only themselves to account to.

Nobody else decides what is right or wrong for them. They draw up their own morals, and stick to them!

8. They believe in’tough love’.

Honest people won’t mince words for you or tell you a spade’s not a spade! They’ll call it as they see it, and can be brutally blunt sometimes. But you always know where you stand with them.

9. They don’t pretend to like people.

Pretending to like people you don’t can be tiring and annoying. People who speak their mind don’t bother with any of that! They only do as they deem right.

10. They do what makes them happy.

It can be hard to go through life trying to please everyone. You can never be right all the time. Instead, just try to do what makes you happy, and forget about everyone else. It will make you much happier than ever before.

11. They are at peace with life.

Only truly confident, comfortable-in-their-own-skin types, have the courage to speak their minds. They take life as it comes, and have no regrets or complaints.