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Being in a relationship isn’t the easiest of things. You and your boyfriend have had your fair share of fights, arguments, and squabbles. There are times he upsets you, hurts you feelings, or fails to understand you. But there are times when he supports you, brings you pizza when he knows you’re upset, and makes you laugh. However, maintaining this relationship requires hard work, compromise, and commitment.

It’s a little different being in a relationship with books. The relationship is more laid-back and less serious. Here’s why books are better than boyfriends.

1. Books don’t have a problem if you’re in a relationship with more books and won’t hold it against you.

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2. Books give you your space when you need it but also give you unconditional support during tough times.

3. Books will go anywhere for you — the toilet, the commute to work, the bed or to another country.

4. Books appreciate the PDA and won’t push your hand away when you hold them affectionately in public.

5. Books don’t lie about themselves and don’t have crazy ex-girlfriends stalking you and plotting your death.

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6. Books have flaws that are either endearing or can be amended immediately.

7. Books don’t care if you hang out with them in your pajamas with no makeup and chip dust all over your face.

8. Books never hold grudges and don’t mind if you want to start from the beginning with a clean slate.

9. Books give you the chance to skim over the parts you don’t like instead of tolerating them with a fake smile.

10. Books encourage fantasizing and let your imagination take the relationship to the next level.

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11. Books are the ultimate childhood sweetheart and stay with you and in your heart forever.