Goodbyes are never easy, more so if you have to say it to the junk food you love to eat. But you’ve got to do it — for better health. Unhealthy foods can cause chronic health problems. Want to know what these foods may be? Read on.

1. French Fries.

You might think they’re potatoes, so how can they be unhealthy? But they are unhealthy because they’re fried. This junk food, even if it’s a small serving, contains as many as 365 calories on average, along with 17 grams of fat. This can make a person lethargic and overweight and can cause other health problems, like diabetes and heart disease.

2. Processed meat.

Numerous studies have revealed that processed meats increase the risk of diseases like cancer, high blood pressure and heart disease. Processed meat contains many harmful chemicals, as it goes through various processes like curing, salting, smoking, drying and canning before it comes to the stores. This kind of chemical processing is not naturally present in fresh meat, so it is advised to avoid all kinds of processed meat, like sausages, hot dogs, salami, etc.

3. Doughnuts.

It might be really tough to say NO to a sweet treat of doughnuts, but trust me, eating doughnuts is really harmful to your health. It contains some of the most unhealthy ingredients, like trans fat, sugar, and refined flour. Consuming one doughnut is equivalent to consuming about 300 calories and 10 to 20 grams of fat.

4. Microwave popcorn.

This is quite the deliciously dangerous thing your mom warned you about eating. That enchanting smell of flavored popcorn you make in the microwave can be terribly harmful to your health. It contains a chemical called diacetyl, which is harmless when consumed, but when heated, acts like a toxic substance causing various diseases.

5. Bagels.

You might think of bagels as a good breakfast option, but they aren’t — bagels are just empty carbs that lack vitamins, minerals and fiber. They pack around 360 calories at one go, which is 100 more calories and twice the carbs of a doughnut.

6. Chips.

Chips are usually high in fat and increase the risk of high cholesterol in the human body. 30 grams of plain potato chips contain about 10 grams of fat and 154 calories, so watch out before you reach for those packets of chips next time.

7. Soda.

Soda, as well as its alternatives like cool drinks, is harmful to your health. People generally drink soda while eating because they believe that soda after a heavy meal helps in digestion. But then, it has bad effects too. Drinking soda regularly can lead to obesity, kidney damage, elevated blood pressure and certain cancers.

8. Fancy coffee drinks.

Coffee is a good beverage for health, but blended coffee drinks like Iced Caffe Latte and Caramel Macchiato are harmful to your health, as they contain more sugar and fat than actual coffee. These kinds of fancy coffee drinks are filled with calories and topped with whipped cream that increases your blood sugar and insulin levels.

9. Burgers.

A thick juicy, delicious burger for lunch or dinner can be a great treat for your taste buds, but not easily accepted by your body. They largely contribute to weight gain. If consumed frequently, it also raises blood cholesterol levels and increases the chances of heart disease.

10. Bacon.

Okay, let’s get this straight. Bacon is awesome. But unfortunately, also harmful. You need to bid it goodbye somehow, as it contains fats, high sodium and cholesterol that affects your health slowly but significantly.

We can feel your pain, but you’ve got to stop or reduce the intake of these junk foods. Health is wealth, remember?