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No matter whether it’s a one day match or a T20 match; whenever Team India is playing, almost every Indian stays glued to their TV screens, relishing Dhoni’s striking and Nehra’s swing. Whether it’s a kid who knows everything about cricket, a middle-aged man who makes it a point to rush back from work just to watch the match, or an old lady who doesn’t have any clue about cricket whatsoever; they all sit together and watch the entire game.

In a country where cricket is taken very seriously and regarded as nothing short of a religion, here are ten typical cricket fans you’ll find in every household:

1. The Optimistic Fan

No matter how many wickets we lose or how many runs the opposite team scores, these people just keep their hopes up all the time. Nothing seems to shake their faith in the Indian team. They firmly believe that no matter how badly India plays, eventually they’ll emerge victorious.

2. The Captain Cool Fan

These Dhoni fans have blind faith in him. If you dare say anything against him, you’re dead meat. Even if we are 7 wickets down, they don’t lose hope till Dhoni is at the crease. They keep praying for Dhoni to hit his signature helicopter shot and that classy winning six, like he often does.

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3. The Critical Fan

These fans act like they know it all. From the pitch report to the toss, till the end of the game, these guys keep giving their expert advice like Dhoni can actually hear them. They act like they know all the technicalities of the match and no one knows anything more than them, not even those 11 people representing India on the field.

4. The Fake Fan

These fans usually have no clue about what’s happening in the game. All they know is that they need to show that they know about the game. You’ll find them sitting in a corner, usually busy checking their phones or doing something that’s not even remotely related to cricket, yet still watching cricket.

5. The Big Showoff Fan

They are big fans of cricket, and they like to show that off. They buy all the latest cricket merchandise and keep posting pictures on various social media channels just to let everyone know that they have it all. Even their phone cover would be something related to cricket, just to prove that they’re the biggest fans.

6. The Psychic Fan

These are people who consider themselves to be the masters at predicting every minute detail of the game. They keep trying to predict the next ball, the next wicket, the next six— everything. After a point, you are bound to get tired of them and their predictions.

7. The Emotional Fan

These are the ones who need to sit with a box of tissues at hand as they tend to get overly emotional. They tend to lose a grip on their emotions when we lose a wicket, take a wicket, hit a four, hit a six — basically at every ball. To avoid getting a shock, avoid sitting too close to them.

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8. The Pessimistic Fan

No matter how well India plays, these people always find a reason to talk negatively. They always find a way to spot things that aren’t going that well for the team. They only speak of the team’s weaknesses and their odds of losing. They have the most depressing stats about the match, always.

9. The Cheering Fan

Sitting next to these people could be very dangerous, especially if you have a weak heart. These people tend to shout and cheer at everything. They are the ones responsible for breaking chairs and glasses due to their habit of excessively jumping around and dancing freely at every ball.

10. The Non-Stop Commentary Fan

These are probably the most annoying people in the room. No matter what, their commentary never stops. They either keep trying to make fun of the commentator, trying to mock him or they keep offering their own expert advice. Whatever it is, they never stop.