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All relationships go through ups and downs. The ups make us happy, and lows make us lose hope and give up on each other. Giving up is not the real solution to relationship troubles; if your partner really matters to you, you need to fight for them. You need to fight for the bond you share with each other, which could most probably be the best thing that has ever happened to you. Here are ten tips to troubleshoot your relationship and make it just perfect:

1. Talk to each other.

Communication is the key to building a perfect relationship. If you can talk to each other freely, there’s nothing you can’t do as a couple. Try talking openly about your issues. It can help solve many small things that can later blow out of proportion into something enormous and nasty.

2. Identify what your issues are.

Issues among couples are common, but unless you identify and discuss them with your partner, you can’t expect a perfect relationship. If there’s something about them that bothers you, be frank and say it out loud. Just watch your words and tone and ensure that you don’t hurt them in any way.

3. Try to accept your partner’s flaws.

One of the primary building blocks of a perfect relationship isβ€” accepting your partner for who they are. Although it’s good to bring out the best in them by asking them to modify things that bother you; you can’t expect them to change altogether. You need to make peace with who they are as an individual and accept them with an open mind.

4. Maintain physical intimacy.

Staying close to your partner emotionally is as important as staying close to them physically. It doesn’t always mean sex. Sometimes, kissing and cuddling can be way more powerful. These acts help you establish the perfect physical bond that makes you grow closer on an emotional level as well.

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5. Write letters to each other.

Although it might not sound practical in today’s world of real-time communication via apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, a handwritten letter always has a deeper meaning compared to a ping on these social media channels. Handwritten letters just make the other person feel valued and special. Switch to old-school and see it change your relationship.

6. Start and end your day by talking to your partner.

To keep the spark alive in your relationship, it’s important to start and end your day by talking to your partner. Even if they aren’t around you, a simple good morning and good night message can make a whole lot of difference. It makes your partner feel that they’re the first person you think about every morning and before going to bed.

7. Express your feelings.

Never bottle up your feelings. Be open to your partner about what you feel and tell them if something they did that hurt you. These stacked up negative emotions can just pile on with time and act as the biggest threat to your relationship eventually. So, ensure to express what you feel and get it all out at the right time; before it’s too late.

8. Support each other through thick and thin.

Be there when they need you. Set your priorities such that you make them feel like an important part of your life. It’s essential to be there for each other in good as well as bad times. These bad times put your relationship to the real test. Make sure you excel in it.

9. Spend some quality time together.

No matter how busy you are, ensure that you spend some quality time together. Even if that means simply sitting beside each other and doing your own work; spending time together is the primary aim. It helps you connect better and most importantly, it helps you understand each other better.

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10. Apologize when you’re wrong.

An apology can help you find the solution to the biggest of your arguments and fights. If you know you’re at fault, don’t hesitate from apologizing. Sometimes, a simple sorry makes a huge difference, no matter if you’re wrong or not. When you love someone, you should be able to do anything, and everything for them; saying sorry is no big deal either.